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Reciprocal Linking - 2 or 3 From The Homepage Are Worth More Than...

Aug 17, 2007
What an awful attempt to adapt a well known saying to get across a point! I am referring to links pages. Those indexed pages where you place reciprocal links from websites you have approached to swap links with.

So often these days links directories are hidden away from view. Some sites don't even bother and attempt to build their back-links through a three-way link. I get plenty of mail asking for links to sites,offering a link back from a directory with a different domain name.The problem with this type of arrangement is that usually the PR rank of the directory has been built up before it has started to be used for this type of marketing. It is then packed with 100 links a page from websites that have agreed to link to the third party website. A few months down the line when you have forgotten about it, the directory that links to your site will lose all its page rank and value as a link, because it has been diluted by the hundreds of links that have been added with no reciprocal.

Great for the third party website whose page rank will undoubtedly rise, but not so good for you!

If you have a new website that looks great and you are eager to get it listed in the search engines so that you can begin to earn some return on your investment then think carefully when you are deciding on the method you employ to get your first ranking. I personally believe in reciprocal linking. It works if you keep in mind the main concepts of what Google have originally asked for and what also will be of benefit to the browsers who eventually find your site.

"Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content."

What this means to your links pages is that you should keep them relevant to your topic and make them an integral part of your website. Some call them resources pages. This is a good title as it truly describes what links pages should offer.

For an Example: If your website deals with Costa del Sol Property, you may have three resources pages to start with. The first you call Costa del Sol Resources, The second, Other Spanish Resources and the third, International Real Estate Resources. In this way I am been able to cover my immediate industry, industries in my country of business and internationally related industry resources.

I now link these pages from every page on my website. In this way I am assured that if I obtain a PR4 from Google when I get my first ranking, all my resource pages will receive at least a PR3. Google also reads up to 100 internal links without penalty so if you have not used up your quota then do so. When you get your pagerank, you finally have something of value to offer other quality websites and can go looking for better quality links.

This all sounds time consuming and a lot more work. Especially when you can get an automated links directory stuffed with categories inserted into your website and all you have to is approve the links. It is more work. But as with most things in life, You get out of something what you are willing to put in and if you want to wallow with the millions of other websites that never amount to anything in terms of internet presence then you will choose the easy route.
Maybe, however, if you are reading this article you have decided to put a little extra work in, to make your website a success. Good Luck.
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Neil Ebsworth is co-founder of AMLASpain. The Spanish Property MLS. and real estate seo services company
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