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How to Prevent Affiliate Commission Theft

Aug 17, 2007
Every industry that deals with money making is very much prone to scams and frauds. Affiliate marketing is no exception. In fact, it is very easy for affiliate marketers to be cheated of their commissions. And usually, the person who is stealing the commission does not believe that they are really doing anything wrong. The best way to get around this is to protect yourself.

Sometimes, your customers themselves take the commission of the affiliate marketer. They see a product that they want, do some research and figure out how to get the commission for themselves. The affiliate marketer then loses his commission when customer buys the product using his or her username. When the customer does this, the owner of the product doesn't know that it is being done. To avoid this type of commission theft, use a cloaking script.

When a client enters his or her username into your affiliate link with the idea of getting your commission, he simply replaces your affiliate ID with his own. Then, he purchases the product. Cloaking covers the affiliate links in the browser's address bar and helps you keep your commission.

Cloaking also prevents people who look at a web page's source code from seeing your hidden affiliate link.Cloaking enables you to hide the affiliate link as well as defend your commission from being stolen.

Always be sure that you are getting credit for every sale you are giving to the owner of the product that you are promoting. Utilize the computer software like Affiliate Cloner for cloaking. To hide your affiliate link in the browser without hiding the website link, Affiliate Cloner will make the special page, which you host on your website.

Build an easy cloak. For the promotion of your affiliate product use the file in a new folder on your website and name it. Your affiliate link will appear like www.example.com/name/.

Moreover, there are also other techniques that you can use to prevent commission larceny-

- Use free online software for converting your small URLs from affiliate links. One example is http://shorturl.com. However, it is an obstacle in branding.

- Use a ad tracking service or purchase a script that installs on your own website server that tracks ads. It will cloak your affiliate url as well as track which advertising methods are working best for you.

- Use the simple option of 301 redirect web pages. This requires unix server. Do not use it for important details.

- Purchase a domain name and forward it to the affiliate link that leads to the affiliate program of your choice. In this case, there would be no need to buy web hosting for it.

- Inside your web page, create coded redirect page. It is helpful for branding purposes.

These techniques are some of the best ways to prevent commission theft. use them to keep the money from the hard work that you have done.
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