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Where Are All The Video Game Testing Jobs?

Aug 17, 2007
Chances are, you must have heard about video game testing jobs, about how exciting they are and all that, but the thing is where are all the video game testing career? You would be dreaming of being in this acknowledgment, where you can gain money doing nothing more than playing games. You must have read glorified odes of the profession on the Internet. But when you want them, you become totally disillusioned. For, you cannot see any of the video game testing jobs when you want them.

Is that the case with you? Most certainly it is! You want to test games, but don't know how to make the opening. Here are some tips for you.

First and foremost, it really helps if you know someone in a game evolution company. You could tell them about your interest in game testing. At least that might give you a footing in the profession. Game tester work are not posted in the classifieds of the newspapers and magazines, or even on the Internet. So, if you do not know any one in a game development company, you might actually have to do some footwork. Take the addresses of the leading game development companies near you and fix up appointments with them. During the appointment, you will need to impress upon them your passion for playing and testing games. If they have a need, they will hire you. You can even try mailing them if you do not feel like meeting them personally.

But, remember that all game development companies you visit will not have jobs for you. They may not be developing some games at the moment, or they may already have someone doing the job. But it doesn't hurt if you create a good impression on them and leave your card for further communication. If they need you, they will call you.

It really helps if you can namedrop when you get an appointment with the developing company. You will have to mention the games you have played, and your observations on them. You might also be asked to play a game under their supervision. Make sure you do your homework well before you meet up with them.

Video game testing work are not posted on the Internet, but you will find some websites that can give you some game testing assignments if you become a member on them after paying some nominal charges. These initial assignments can help you to gain experience and show the same when you are approaching companies for your job later on.

So now that you understand where to search, do not waste time in getting your imagination work. Start searching for the leading companies near you and try your luck. Bonne risk!
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