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Writing a Good Author Resource Box

Aug 17, 2007
Author resource boxes are the backbones of your article marketing efforts. Without them you won't get the link, traffic and page rank benefits.

In order to create a widely accepted author resource box you can follow these guidelines:

Your First word(s) should point to the author or website you want to promote. If you are promoting a personal blog/site/etc. you may start writing the resource box as follows:

'John Doe is an expert..'
'John Doe specializes in..'
'John Doe is a regular contributor of..'

If you are promoting a website you may start the resource box as by mentioning the name of your website and then explain what your website is about. For example:

"Your-Website-Name (explain what it has)..."
"Your-Website-Name (explain what is about)..."

As you can see the box starts with the use of a noun followed by a adjective or description. I also wrote the name of the site without including the 'www' part because we want the reader to know we are talking about a site. If I started the resource box using the site name but with the words separated by spaces such as 'DP Article Submission', it would be hard for the reader to know we are talking about a resource. Notice that I also capitalized the first letter of each word in the site name.

The rest of the box should continue describing what your site is all about, this is the part of the resource box where you want to place the anchor texts and links.

The last part should invite the reader to visit your site. It should include a call to action or words which will attract the reader.

Link Placement, URL and anchor text selection

Once you figure how to properly create an author resource box you then you need to determine the anchor texts and then link them to pages within your site. All links should be inserted in the resource box, placing an HTML hyper-link within the article body will cause rejection from many directories.

Always remember that the maximum amount of links allowed in author resource boxes is 3. If you place 3 anchor texts linked to your website, and at the end of the resource box you enter your website URL, the submission will get rejected because the last URL is converted in to a Hyper-Link automatically by many article sites, so its good to keep 2 anchor texts linked to your website and 1 URL at the end of the resource box which will complete the 3 links allowed per article.

In reality there are several ways to create an author resource box and it is important to constantly test several styles to see which one gives you the best results.
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