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Is Online Shopping Really Safe?

Aug 17, 2007
The answer to that is question is that it is often safer to use your credit card online than paying for dinner by using your credit card. You never know what that waiter or waitress that disappears before you is capable of doing with your credit card. There are ways in which you can confirm that you are protected when doing your shopping online.

Shop at secure sites:

Always make sure that you are shopping on a secure site. Before you ever provide your credit card number or other personal information, make sure the site has been authenticated as a secure site. Often one may which from one site to another wondering if that site is truly secure. There is an easy way to detect this. The address of a secure page will begin with "https" instead of "http". That extra "s" stands for secure. Did you know that?

Another way of knowing is that if you look at the lower left corner or bottom -middle of your screen you will notice an icon of a unbroken key or a closed padlock. You will find that both of these represent a secure site. This is very reliable encryption that is capable of scrambling your credit card information once it has been entered and also before it has time to be transferred. The entire site may not be secure , but where you have to give your personal or credit card information it is secure.

Use reputable Companies:

Remember that anyone can set up a website. If you are unfamiliar with a particular company, check to see if they have a toll free telephone number that you can use. Check with your family and friends or neighbors for their feedback about the company in question. It pays to place small orders with a company first before you start making large purchases. It is best to remember to look for a valid physical address and telephone number for the company that you intend on providing your business with.

Selection and convenience is what one always desires when shopping online. They tend to want to get away from having to get dressed and getting into their car, where they are faced battling the heavy traffic. Then once you arrive where you plan to do your shopping you have to struggle for a parking place. Instead of dealing with that headache, one often finds it best to be comfortable and shop in the luxury of their home.

If you have a previous engagement that requires a gift right away, then you should shop closer to home. If you can afford to let time pass from your purchase time until you need the items , then shop online. You will find everyone has their own opinion when it comes to online shopping.
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