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Simple Tips For Pleasing Your Customers

Aug 17, 2007
The first tenet in pleasing customers is very simply - treat customers the way you would like to be treated. A happy customer will return and potentially be your best marketing asset as they tell their friends. This usually leads to a very successful business. A great start would be to hire employees who are 'people friendly.' Courtesy should be your policy. Give your staff a good deal of latitude in resolving customer issues. One and done is a great slogan. Of course you can't 'give the shop away,' but strategic authority for your customer service representatives will go a long way towards satisfying your customers.

It's very important that your staff is well trained, understand your products, can explain their use to your customers and clearly and precisely answer questions. In some industries, your sales associates can help with color selection or accessories. Pleasing your customers and knowing their needs is important for a thriving business.

Ensure you have an ample supply of merchandise on hand or ship your goods very quickly. When customers are ready to buy, you want to be able to fill their order. Merchandise or the service you are selling should be top quality. This will bring in repeat customers and help your business grow. It's also good business to clearly display your return policy. The policy should be easily understood and fair to your customers.

Always respect your customer's time. Having enough sales help or cashiers to meet peak demands will be very pleasing to your customers. If you have a call service center, you should alert those on hold to the approximate waiting time and suggest alternative times to call when there will be very short hold time. Many call centers are being moved offshore and staffed with cheaper foreign employees. It's important they speak slow and clear. Even so, surveys indicate that customers are much more s satisfied with US based call centers. Customer's satisfaction scores for foreign call centers are 25% below domestic call centers and clients are almost twice as likely to find another business partner due to difficulty in understanding and issues with solving customer problems.

A great way to build a loyal customer base and build a profitable business is to be honest and tell a customer when a specific product is not right for him. Your customer will be pleased you are a concerned and caring businessperson and you will have a life-long loyal customer.
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