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MLM Training - Afraid of Talking to Prospects? Get Over it Fast With this Training Checklist

Aug 17, 2007
As a successful network marketer and expert MLM trainer I get asked a lot of questions about proven methods to achieve MLM success. By far, the biggest challenge network marketers have is getting over the fear of talking to people. Here's how I got over it myself, and how I trained thousands to get over it too. Following my Hot Prospecting Tips series I decided to address some of the most frequently asked questions in a new series called: MLM Training -Great Questions Answered. We'll start with the most common question - How Do I Get Over Cold Feet?

"I know I need to talk with more people about my MLM business, but every time I start to, I get cold feet and go on by without speaking up. I am not aggressive, I'm really passive and scared of rejection. I really believe in the products and services our network marketing company has to offer and know they would help others achieve their ultimate goals and dreams financially."

This question comes to me at least weekly!

Cold feet, hesitation, reluctance, etc. all come from lack of confidence in yourself or you're focused on yourself instead of the prospect. Every time you're nervous about talking to a prospect it's because you're focused on your issues instead of being focused on the issues important to your prospect.

The best way to practice getting comfortable talking to people is to just focus on greeting them. If the prospect isn't warm to that - you're done. If they are warm to the greeting then qualify - if they're not warm to that - you're done. If they are warm to the qualifying and they qualify - then invite.

So, the short answer is, be focused on the prospect's interests. Listen to the Ten Communication Qualities in my Professional Inviter series and really focus on Communication Quality #1 - Be interested, not interesting.

A network marketer knows he/she needs to talk with people in order to build his/her business but - is unwilling to or is resistant to or is opposed to it. So instead of prospecting and making calls they bury themselves in a guilt ridden corner and mentally beat themselves up. Sound familiar?

What must be examined is what might cause a person to be unwilling to talk with people about his/her MLM business.

I've written a list of items that "cause" a person to be unwilling, resistant or opposed to talking with prospects. This will be a good checklist to help a person in your downline find out why they're not being successful. And, if you'd like a nice jolt of reality, hand this list to someone in your downline and ask them to check and make sure you do all these things.

*Has she decided exactly what she wants to achieve with the business? Ask her what it is.
*Has she written a plan of how to achieve it? Ask her if you can see it.
*Is she working that plan? Ask her to show you where she currently is on the plan.
*Does she know all the "parts" that make up building her business?
*Does she have a lead source? Ask her to show it to you.
*Does she know how to get customers? Ask her to get one while you watch
*Does she know how to service customers? Ask her to show you how she does it.
*Does she know how to get distributors? Ask her to show you how she gets one.
*Does she know how to train distributors to get customers? Ask her to introduce you to someone she has trained that can get customers. Ask that person to demonstrate getting a customer.
*Does she know how to train distributors to get distributors? Ask her to train one while you watch, or introduce you to someone she has trained that can get distributors. Ask that person to demonstrate how they get a distributor.

"Afraid of rejection" is garbage. Anyone who says that that is their reason, you can easily call their bluff by setting a tape recorder on a table and ask, "Invite me to come to your business meeting." They can't do it. Why? It's not fear of rejection - tape recorders don't reject you.

Afraid of rejection, out of comfort zone, call reluctance, and any other fancy phrase a person can come up with is only a mask to cover up what they don't know how to do.

I don't care if the person has been in sales for 20 years - if they don't make calls, it's because there is something about the business they don't know how to do.

Don't you buy your downline's excuses - run them through the checksheet above and train them on whatever they can't do. Don't you buy your own excuses - get trained.

Getting over cold feet and the fear of talking to people has to be the first issue you must conquer early on in your MLM business. If you can't talk to people you'll have a heck of a time inviting them to buy your product or sign up in your business. You can't achieve MLM success without getting over this fear.
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