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Affiliate Marketing Is So Much Easier With Search Engines

Aug 17, 2007
No matter how fabulous your affiliate marketing site is, if you don't have traffic, there will be no money coming your way, and your online home business will struggle. This fact goes without saying.

Now how do you get traffic to your site? This is where search engines come in to play. It is important to understand them and keep your site optimized so they can find you. Don't think search engines are just for people who look for info!

If you do some quick searching about the sites that rank the highest on the search engines, you will notice that they are listed not by size, but by relevance to your search.

It is important to understand that you must optimize your pages with the right keywords to enable these search engines to find your affiliate marketing site first when someone looks for the particular keyword. This is what is called search engine optimization, and that should be the goal for every online home business that wants to succeed.

How The Search Engines Work

Search engines scan the text on your page and check for relevance to the search term, so make sure that your affiliate marketing content not only persuades your customer to buy, but persuades the search engines that it is relevant!

So, write your content measuring about 500 words a page and have your keywords appearing 4- 8 times per page. Don't pop in your keywords in places where they don't fit, and don't over saturate your site with the keywords. Ensure that the text flows smoothly around it.

Your content can be text-only pages consisting of tips and how-to articles with keywords relevant to your online home business. These also turn up in the search engines and give you some opportunities for link exchanges. All this helps you rank your website higher in the search engines.

Choosing the right keywords makes all the difference in the world. The right keywords can get the right people to your website, people who are interested in your information and products.

Submitting Your Online Home Business Website To Search Engines

Submitting your websites to search engines comes next. Once you submit your home page, the search engine's spider, and follows all your homepage links and includes your other pages as well. The search engine stores millions of web pages in its database. When the visitor enters a keyword or keyword phrase into the search form of the search engine, the most relevant information will decide which web sites get picked up by the query.

Whichever pages the search engine finds most relevant will be listed first. This will determine where you will be listed upon search requests.

In affiliate marketing, as well as any online home business, getting ranked high in the search engines should be top priority. Unlike pay per click, when someone clicks on your site from the natural search engine results, you don't pay a dime. I's free advertising!
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