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Choosing Among Your Web Hosting Options

Aug 17, 2007
Selecting a web hosting provider can be a confusing and overwhelming decision. There are so many different types of hosting, and so many different providers that you can get really frustrated when trying to make the best decision.

The first thing you need to get straight is all of the different types of hosting. For most websites, shared hosting is the best solution. Depending on the complexity and security needs of your site, as well as the nature of your business, this solution might also be ideal for you.

Shared Web Hosting
Shared hosting is the most commonly used type of hosting, and is the most effective and economical solution for the hosting needs of most small to medium company websites. When you use a shared hosting solution, your website shares a large and powerful server with other small to medium websites.

The number of sites that reside on the shared server is a function of the capacity of the server and the space requirements specified in each websites hosting agreement.

Reseller Web Hosting
Host provider companies allow those who want to become resellers to open a reseller account on their shared web host servers. When you purchase space for your own site on a shared host, you are utilizing shared hosting. When you purchase space on a shared web host that you intend to resell, in its entirety or in part, to web hosting clients of your own, you are utilizing reseller hosting.

As a web host reseller, you can select from among many different levels of plans. You can resell hosting on the shared server up to the limits of the space and bandwidth capacity established within the terms of your agreement with the web host provider.

Reseller web hosting provides an inexpensive opportunity for people to begin their own hosting business. If you are in the business of designing websites, being able to offer low-cost web hosting to your clients can be an excellent means of expanding your business. Reseller hosting plans do not cost much more than standard shared hosting services, and can cost as little as $20 per month.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting is the step between a shared hosting solution and having your own dedicated web host. With VPS, your website is still sharing a server with other websites, but your site is located within its own partitioned area of the server. Each tenant occupies its own segment of the server, so there is added security with this option.

VPS enables provides you with all the benefits of both shared and reseller hosting, and the added benefit of being in charge of the portion of the server that is allocated specifically to you.

VPS is a cost effective web hosting option, starting at approximately $40 per month for most plans.

Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated web hosting is a step about VPS. With a dedicated web host server, your site is no longer stored in a shared environment. You occupy an entire server. Dedicated server hosting is expensive. For some particularly complex and high traffic websites, and those that deal with highly sensitive information, dedicated hosting is a necessity.

Dedicated hosting is available in both managed and unmanaged formats. With managed web hosting, your web host provider will actually manage your server for you. The degree to which your provider manages your server will be based on the terms of your agreement.

With an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan, you will be responsible for all aspects of the management of your server. This requires specific technical skill, and may also be time consuming. There are companies to which you can outsource management of your web server if you choose.

With an unmanaged dedicated server, you assume complete responsibility for the management of your web server. If you manage it yourself, you must be diligent in your efforts. If outsource the management of your server, you have to make sure that you select competent and reliable professionals to handle this important job for you. Even the security of your server becomes your responsibility when you have a dedicated web server.

Colocated Web Hosting
In terms of web hosting, colocation refers to a solution in which you own a server that is located in a datacenter. You purchase your own server, and then pay a fee to the datacenter that houses if for you. The datacenter provides bandwidth and IP addresses for you.

No matter what type of hosting solution that you select, the reliability and responsiveness of the company you work with will have a major impact on the success of your website. Make sure to select a reputable hosting provider that offers quick and responsive technical support and knowledgeable, friendly customer service.
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