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How To Earn Money Selling Audio Books Online

Aug 17, 2007
If you go online looking for ways to earn money you may or may not be finding what you are looking for. Do you like to read? Do you know anyone who likes to read? That can be a very large market and open up a way to earn money you may not have thought about.

Here is an exciting way to earn money selling audio books online.

1. First of all you need access to books. This could be a lot of work for you to put together, or you could hire someone to do it for you which would be expensive. A quicker way is to become an affiliate for a program that offers audio books online.

2. Next you need a website to sell your books on. Can you build one or hire it out is the question. Another benefit of being an audio book affiliate is you will get your own website all set up and ready to go. All you do is get visitors to it.

If you are smart start a blog about listening to audio books on the internet and use it to teach people. They will become customers as a way to thank you for your efforts.

3. Of course know one makes any money until money is paid. You need a way to get paid. PayPal is easy to set up with and they accept Visa, MasterCard, and others. Again if you are an affiliate all of that is taken care of for you.

4. One other thing many people miss out on is using an autoresponder as a way to follow up for future sales. An autoresponder is just an automatic way to send emails.

Many affiliate programs already have the emails written and coded with your affiliate number. Some of them make it so easy you just enter a code and all of the messages are uploaded for you.

5. If you go the affiliate route look for two tier programs where you can get paid to recruit affiliates and get paid on their sales. Many of your customers will want to make some money selling audio books too.

6. Once you are set up here are the main ways to promote your business.

- Google Adwords or any pay per click advertising is the fastest way to get immediate traffic. It can be expensive and you should start slowly if you do not know what you are doing.

- Join discussion groups where people who like to listen to books online hang out. Become a part of the discussion. Be sure and put you website address in your profile so they can find you if they want.

- Use articles to promote your website and blog. Social marketing and article marketing are two great ways to create long term traffic and it is free to do.

- Join traffic exchanges and promote your website on them. If you have access to splash pages those work better on traffic exchanges.

- Place classified and banner ads anywhere and everywhere. Google search free advertising for places to get started.

- Do not forget offline advertising. You can get free business cards at VistaPrint.com and put your website address on them. Start handing them out everywhere you go.

To summarize: To earn money online selling audio books you need audio books, a website or blog, a way to collect money, and customers. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started if you can find the right company to join.
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