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The Ins And Outs Of Being An Actor Or Actress

Aug 17, 2007
Actors can be found in a number of venues, from movies to television shows and from the theater to even street performers, actors make our lives more entertaining and even more meaningful. It is for the love of the theater and for the thrill of touching the lives of others that many pursue this magnificent career.

Becoming an Actor or Actress

Although there are many people interested in pursing acting, the profession is not an easy one to break into. Actors and actresses often have to attend special drama schools or academies in order to gain the knowledge and experience it takes to break into the profession. Attending one of these schools also helps the actor or actress gain recognition as he or she participates in productions put on by the school.

Types of Acting

Those that are not actors or actresses generally do not know that there are actually several different types of acting approaches that an actor may specialize in. In the United States, the most popular method of acting is the inside out technique, which involves trying to gain an understanding of the character being portrayed. This includes understanding the character's motives and background and how these factors affect the character's outward behavior.

Attending Acting School

When an aspiring actor or actress attends a drama school or acting conservatory, he or she generally takes two to three years of intense training in the art of acting. At Universities, on the other hand, programs typically last three or four years rather than two or three. In addition, the student may study other aspects of theater in addition to the art of acting itself. Those who attend a university to study acting can expect to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree upon successful completion of the program.

Completing a university program can be very beneficial when it comes to boosting an actor or actresses career. In fact, at the end of the last year, most universities stage performances to which casting directors and agents are invited. In this way, soon-to-be graduates can begin working toward a future in acting.

In order to be accepted into a drama program or into an acting conservatory, aspiring actors and actresses must first complete an audition. If the potential student shows promise, he or she will be admitted into the program. Typically, anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to attend a drama school, though there are some that will accept aspiring actors and actresses at a younger age.
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