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Doing Business in Russia in American Dollars

Aug 17, 2007
Today doing business in Russia, provides daily noticeable results. According to www.buyusa.gov research in 2005 the Russian economy continued its sustained steady growth. GDP grew by an estimated 6.4% to $765.5 billion. Russia buys technologies and goods in order to support this growing. What does it means in every day life language?

In 2000 I immigrated to the USA from St. Petersburg, Russia. At the time there were no cell phones or ATM's in Russia. When I returned to visit my family just two years later I noticed that the Russian people were now using both ATM's and cell phones in their everyday lives. I was truly impressed that these things had become so second nature in Russia and as I visited the local grocery store I was even more surprised when looking at the dark blue vest of store employeee's I noticed very familiar words on the back,'how may I help you?'

In 2004, just two years after my first visit, I was once again able to visit my family and was once again surprised to see the changes that had happened while I was away, by this time there were slot machines on every corner in St. Petersburg. This was another of those great discoveries for me because I realized that whenever I saw lights and heard music it was a gambling establishment. At that time I realized how huge the growth was in Russia.

In 2006, another two years after my last visit, I realized that more and more cars being driven in Russia were coming from the United States and that even the kilometer was changing to the mile. At this point I began to wonder why such changes were taking place. I knew that the American dollar was cheaper that the Euro and that was why American cars were cheaper for business in Russia to buy.

To further see the changes happening in Russia just look at the real estate market which has steadily moved over to the American dollar or even the customs taxes which are now being represented in American dollars.

So what does this mean for American business? It means that now is the time for American businesses to realize the huge potential that is the Russian marketplace. Russian companies are continually seeking new technology and equipment in areas such as recycling used cartridges, computer hardware plastic, household products, recreational equipment, construction materials, manufacturing plants, and much more.

As the old saying goes 'strike while the iron is hot' and right now the iron is hot in Russia, do you want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity?
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Luda Yazykova have seen the great changes in Russian economy for last 7 years and help American businesses to expend their business to Russia at my website which is at http://www.russianbizlink.com
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