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Start A Work At Home Business - 3 Lucrative Business Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
Are you tired of your job and want to start a work at home business but don't know what to do? Here are three businesses that are hot in the market and easy to start up.

1. If you are just starting a work at home business this job would be simple, a virtual assistant. Many people who work at home do not have time to run their business and answer their phone and emails. A virtual assistant is their answer.

If you start a work at home business and become a virtual assistant you will do the same job as an assistant but without the hassle of having to go to work. You wake up, walk downstairs, and get working. This is a great business that is on the rise and should definitely be considered as one of your top choices.

2. Another start a work at home business that is on the rise is an eBay shop. eBay is a simple website to use but many do not have the time to figure out how to use it to get the most money for their product. If you master eBay and create a shop to sell other people's items, you can make a ton of money.

If you start an eBay shop you should charge the customer a certain percentage of the profit they receive for their item, somewhere around 10%. The customers you will see are usually going to be busy adults with no time to sell items on eBay or older adults who just do not understand technology.

If you do not want to have to deal with customers you could also create a specialty store. For instance, you could specialize in selling laptops. You would go around to stores or people and buy their laptops and then resell them on eBay, usually making a big profit.

3. Another start a work at home business that is doing pretty well, but not having many in the field, is online writing. A person could be starting a website and want to get traffic to there site but they do not know how to right good articles to get that traffic. A customer could then pay you to write articles on a given topic and you could write them articles that would then get them money.

This is a hard task to do, the hardest of the three businesses mentioned but can eventually become and easy job. If you learn how to write articles good and get a big cliental you could be making up to $15 or more an article. Also, if you get efficient at writing articles you could get two articles written an hour, making $30 an hour!

These are just three start a work at home business options you could choose from. They will earn you a decent amount of money, enough to survive on but maybe not live a life of luxury, and are easy to start up.
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