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Your Mortgage Success And Giving

Aug 17, 2007
If you've been successful originating mortgages, I'm sure you realize that one of the reasons for your success is that in many areas you are very "giving." One of the keys to success in the mortgage business is that you are very "giving" to all your clients and your prospects.

Let's take a close look at this "giving" process...

To begin with, let's cover the intangibles. You know the mortgage advice that you give to your mortgage clients and prospects. Yes, this advice is good and can be trusted. But it's also your truthfulness...your professional courtesy...your constant communication so they're never confused, upset, or in the dark.

You're successful because you make each and every person you deal with feel special. You're successful because your purpose is seeing their lives improved and this will happen as you guide them through the loan process. If you ever get to the point where you can't feel, act and transact your business this way...it's time to change professions.

If you can't truly love the people you're doing it for, you'll never ever achieve success and the prosperity your mortgage career could deliver to you. You also need to"give" the tangible things that your clients and prospects need.

These include: A constant updated status of their loan in writing, educational and informational material that shows you care and are interested in their well being. And of course, material that distinguishes you from everyone else out there touting mortgages.

Your clients and prospects need an enjoyable physical experience before, during, and after the loan transaction is complete. They also need this experience even if the transaction fails, through no fault of theirs or yours.

Just so you know, most mortgage brokers and loan officers don't realize the importance of keeping in contact with their prospects and customers. They don't understand the need of sequencing worthwhile information and material prior to, during, and after the transaction.

By effectively using this advice...not only can you be good...you can be actually be great. Keep your contacts informed by using sequential marketing.

Whether you call it your mailing list, database, or circle of influence...I hope you have one. And even more importantly, I hope you keep in contact with the folks on your list using sequential marketing. As you already know...one out of five people on your list will be involved in a mortgage decision this year.

Sequential marketing is the simple process of supplying periodic, timely, and worthwhile information to your contacts. As you know, unless you maintain contact with your list, you'll not get the business you deserve.

We covered this before, but its well worth repeating. You need to use some or all of the following techniques:

1. Call your list,
2. Mail something to them every month,
3. Send out postcards and note cards to your database,
4. Send e-mails to your list,
5. Do a "drop by" visit every now and then,
6. Schedule one lunch meeting per week,
7. Send timely and pertinent real estate/mortgage news.

By giving of yourself you are telling them the truth as you see it. It means not allowing them to do any transaction that's absolutely not in their best interest. It means committing yourself to be their most trusted advisor and friend. It means marketing better and marketing smarter.

It means understanding them, guiding them, and advising them better than anyone else out there.
It means making a total commitment...not just something you'll do between 11 and 4 and only a couple of days per week.

It means making "giving," a way of life!
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