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Are You Being Duped By Misunderstood Duplicate Content Theories

Aug 17, 2007
The # 1 myth is that you cant keep up with seo because it is always changing. This is true to an extent but is greatly blown out of proportion.

There are subtle changes to stop spammers from dominating the serps, but the basics of seo will never change.

Links is a good point. the first thing i want to cover is that all links have value and always will. it does not matter if it is relevant or not. the lamest link will have some value. the closer it is related to your site, the higher the value is as far as the search engines are concerned.

I have even heard people go as far to say that links have no value in the search engines. Lets look at this in a common sense way. The entire internet is based on links.

You go to a search engine and type in a phrase and it gives you a list of links. you click one and then when you finish you have to click a link to go to another page.

No matter where you go on the net, you have to use links.

They may change the value of links but can not take links out of the system.

It is kinda like our road and hwy infrastructure. They may change the road signs, change a speed limit, add slippery when wet sign, and a stop sign or even a red light. but you can not remove the road or it all falls apart.

If you remove links, you destroy the internet. Now, duplicate content. If people understood the reason for dup content filters they would understand what it does. It is not what you think!

Look at this : 1 - 10 of about 3,410 for removing the voodoo from seo. Do a search for that phrase in yahoo or google. You will find it thousands of times in either search engine, yet it is dup content as most understand it.

The facts are that dup content is actually duplicate websites, page for page, file name for file name, image for image. a 100% copy of another site. They put these filters in place to make spammers take the time to build different sites if they wanted to dominate all top 10 positions in the serps.

This is the reasoning for the algorithms. to stop spammers and stop any attempt of monoply.
I am not asking you to buy the dup content.

look at the evidence. How many articles are live for 18 months on article directories? The evidence is there. Most things get taken way out of context. Dup content is 1 of them.

I am sure google could catch 10,000 articles within 18 months on article directories with dup content filters. Yet they do not. And there are hundreds of thousands of them on hundreds of sites per articles.

Go to any article directory and get the title from as many articles as you like and do a search on the titles and you will find hundreds of duplicates all over the web for each. If it were true then the article directories would be removed from their indexes also.

Do a complete copy of a website and try to push it up with links and one of the sites will get removed from the index of the search engines.

But, these are exact copies. Now, as far as having different results in the search engines for a natural search from content. That is directly related to the authority of sites, so that cake will not bake either.

You can have a pr 9 page with the phrase and she walked in and of course it will show up before pr 0 thru 8 sites if all of the sites involved not in the title or onpaged for that phrase.

It comes down to pure authority if no site is competing for that phrase. This again is common sense.

If you stop to think before you accept a general seo lie, you will see the reasoning for the algorithm. Changes are subtle, not drastic and they can be easy adjustments, but if you do seo the right way to start, you will not even be affected to start with.

Do not go onto a football field with a baseball bat and you do not have to fear being ejected or rejected, or even punished.

SEO is not rocket science. just common sense.
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