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Buy Your Cell Phone and Save Money!

Aug 17, 2007
Do your eyes glaze over by the huge selection of cell phones, cell phone plans, and cell phone services on the market? It can be overwhelming! You are in for a sweet surprise if you've never bought a cell phone over the Internet before. It doesn't have to be difficult, just make sure you take your time and compare the different phones and plans available.

Many are free when you factor in discounts, rebates and cell phone plans. Some are just a cell phone. There are many today with built in cameras. These allow you to send your picture across the network. Remember, it may be cool but that service may not be free. Are you into time management? The Palm Treos and the Smartphones will help you stay on course. Maybe you enjoy listening to music. Well, that is available again but remember those downloads aren't free. Many of our cell phone plans have free shipping.

Apple is introducing the iPhone. There is a lot of excitement out there regarding this new phone. It is set to work on the AT&T network for now. Remember anytime you buy a phone, make sure it is compatible with your network plan. The iPhone will be able to download music, play videos. Get ready to spend lots of money on the fun extras that you will find yourself using with the iPhone. Will there be bugs with the introduction of the iPhone? Only time will tell. How about security? That could become an issue. Even with these things in mind, the iPhone is a pretty exciting announcement if it truly lives up to the hype.

If you are ready to step up and get a cell phone for yourself or one for everyone in your family, there are plenty to meet every need and plans for every pocketbooks. Always read the fine print. Pay close attention to the initial return period where if you aren't happy with the service, you can return your phones and cancel your plan without a penalty. Remember, once you past this free return period, you are locked in for usually for 2 years and would have to pay a $200 penalty to get out of your contract.

There are pay as you go phones that allow you to have service without being locked into a plan. Currently the cost of these plans are more that the regular plans but you do have freedom to just throw that phone away if you want to do that. It also will prevent you from having a surprised high bill. The pay as you go can be really great for teenagers. They may not like it but Mom and Dad will.

There are now phones available for children. They will only dial a few numbers that the parents have control over. These phones really meet the need of emergency use. The parent can get in touch with their child and the child can call them if they need to. This is a pretty good use of cell phones.

One of the things to consider in your plan is text messaging. If you have teenagers, then make sure your plan allows you to buy a block of test messages. If it offers unlimited text messaging and you got a teenager, then that may be the best deal you are being offered on a cell phone plan. When I was in Europe, text messaging was used by everyone including adults. Not to be a drag but test messaging can get through when voice services can't because it uses a different protocol. This was demonstrated during 9/11. Text messaging has a language all of its own. The teenagers have seem to pick it up without any problem.

Cell phones have become part of our lives. They also can become very irritating because people will talk on them in the movies, church, restaurants and anywhere else the phone rings. Why is it they think they have to shout into the phone? Churches and movies have started installing blockers to prevent people being disturbed. If you use one in a public place, be courteous to the people around you. Keep it down.

Cities are passing laws making it illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone. They are requiring hands free operation. It is giving birth to the headset industry. The most popular is the use of bluetooth headsets. They are wireless and hands free. I really enjoy using mine once I got use to it. Driving is much easier if both hands are free.
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