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How Surveying Your List Brings In More Profits

Aug 17, 2007
You got your list to bring in more people and to aid you to bringing more profits. The list jumped nicely and you offered lively informative comments and information.

What's next? What else can you use the list for so that it maximizes its usefulness to you and to your business?
One of the ways in which we can use our lists to help us increase our revenues is to use them to help us find out what the customer who joined it really wants from a company.

What kind of services or information do they want to be able to find and what products interest them the most? The kind of survey you might send will differ, and in fact, several are really better than just one. You want to gather information from them, and make them see and believe that the opinions and information they offer is important enough for you to be willing to learn from them on more than one occasion. A few types of information that you might gather from them in various surveys - information that your company can learn and grow from would include questions on:

Website Information
What kind of information would they like to see on the web site?
Would articles that tell how to do something or offer information on the products ingredients or mechanics make them more willing to explore further with a view to a purchase?Do they feel that the web site is easy to navigate and that they can easily find what they are looking for when they use the site? How might you improve it to make it more useable to them or their company?

Customer Service:
What kinds of services would they like to see available?
How do they believe they are treated or valued as a customer to your company? Has their experience buying from you in the past been a positive one that involved gaining their trust and a willingness to purchase from you again?

What products do they currently purchase from your company and why?
How do they feel the products work for them and do they want to purchase again?Do they believe that the follow-up after the sale was sufficient and if they had a choice what further products would they like to be able to purchase from your company?

When you have gathered the information and analyzed it, you will know if your web site is helping you or holding your company back. If the customer believes that you as a group do not follow-up well enough on your sales, you will have to take steps to correct it. This will give you and your company valuable insight into what you might do or change and offer to help your business grow.
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