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Is Writing Articles & Submitting Them To Directories Going To Help Your Online Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Well, the title of this article is a question that I have once asked, "Is writing articles and submitting them to directories going to help your Online business?" and I am sure many others are also asking. How in the world can writing articles going to help in our online business? Good question. It certainly helps, this is my honest answer.

I have since written a few articles and used a article submission company to submit it for me. You can also submit manually if you wish to, but it can be quite tedious and time consuming, plus you can only submit your article to one directory at one time.

I am glad I used a article submission company to do it for me, because when I submit one article, it is being distributed to hundreds of article directories in a short time. Not only did I save so much time, I have also learned many tips from this article submission company and gotten more exposure too. Let me tell you, when submitting your articles, you need to have some basic knowledge and tips to avoid having your article being rejected from article directories, especially those of very good standing and one of them is ezinearticles.

Due to the professionalism of some articles directories, like ezinearticles, they will reject your article if your articles do not meet their standard. I am using a article submission company called Article Marketer, and also due to their strict and professional handling of articles submission for their clients, they will proof read your articles by a computer first, and then follow by a human to vet through your articles again before they submit it for you.

If they feel that you need to change certain things on your article, they will not hesitate to hold your article, write and inform you of your mistakes again and again until it is finally good, and then they will submit it for you. I think this is professional and good, because your article is going to be sent to hundreds of directories and it will also be indexed by Google if it is good enough. Thousands of people will be reading your article too, so it better be readable.

Coming back to my answer, will it help you in your Online Business?, of course it does, because subscribers for my newsletters have since increased, and the number of visitors to my websites and blogs too. In my bio box where I write a little information about myself, and have put my website and blog address there, so that when people read my articles, they may just wish to visit my websites and blogs. But please be advised that you do not write an article which is too much sales pitch in it and also in your bio box too. Be natural, be yourself, speak the truth and speak with integrity and conviction in whatever you are writing about.

If you have not tried writing any articles yet, or even asked a ghost writer to write for you yet, I suggest that you do so soon.

When I first started my article writing, I did not know what and how to write, so I bought some articles from one article writer, from there I learned how to write articles.

Hope this article will motivate you to start writing articles and submitting them to directories if you have not started yet.
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