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Selecting Magazines For Fundraisers

Aug 17, 2007
The person selecting magazines for fundraisers has a huge task ahead of them. They know that when people get off of work, they are probably very tired and rarely want to answer their phones and hear sad stories. They would rather hear the titles to the magazines that are being sold as a way to raise funds for an organization.

The person selecting magazines for fundraisers knows very well that after the initial introduction, that all the homeowner wants to hear is what the magazines are going to cost them. Their interest might be elevated when they hear that the person selecting magazines for fundraisers had the sense to choose magazines that were interesting.

Rather than being subject to a monotonous sales pitch that could go on for five or ten minutes, the homeowner should feel comfortable with the plea being made on behalf of a group of kids, or a woman's shelter. They should also feel comfortable enough to stop the fundraiser in mid-sentence to ask a question about the organization that they work for, and to clarify what is needed.

The homeowner will probably go about selecting magazines for fundraisers that are from well-known organizations and they will most certainly be cautious with anyone that is unable to give them prompt answers to any questions that are asked of them. Many people will select several magazines being offered for a fundraiser once they have sufficient knowledge to realize that the magazine purchase will do someone else in the world a great deal of good.

People will generally go about selecting magazines for fundraisers by choosing titles that interest people, or those that could help the buyer solve a problem. They will select fun magazines that could be used by children in the car to keep them occupied for the length of time it takes to get from one location to another. People rarely purchase magazines that offer no value for the money that they are spending, even if it is going to help someone else out.

When selecting magazines for fundraisers, charities and other charitable entities should take great care in not inconveniencing the person they are contacting for a fundraising donation. They should make their sales pitch as brief and to the point as possible, and ensure that they donor knows that their magazine purchase can be used as a tax deduction on their annual tax return.

If the homeowner needs to consult with their mate, then the fundraiser should leave a telephone number that the person can call once they have reached a decision on which magazines they want to choose to help the charity out. The fundraiser should arrange a date and time that would be convenient to call back too, because some people have busy lives and can forget how they were supposed to pay for the magazines that they ordered.
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