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Prospecting For Success In Network Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Prospecting is the life blood of your network marketing business. To Prospect means to consistently look for the right people to share your business opportunity or products and services with. The key to hold on to in prospecting is to know that you're sorting. You're looking for people who are open to looking at what you've got. You're also not out to convince anyone. I cringe when I hear new network marketers talk about convincing others to join them when they really should be sorting. Some people will be open and some will not. Once you understand and accept this simple fact, you'll begin building your business without stress.

There are many different ways of prospecting. You can choose the methods you're most comfortable with to start out so that you can develop confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed in your business. There is a never ending supply of prospects and a variety of ways to access them. Remember, your goal is to sort through them and find the ones who're open to looking at your opportunity.

Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

This is generally referred to as your warm market. Again, not everyone in your warm market will be open, but some will. There are many different opinions on using this method, but I've found that it's still the least expensive and easiest way for a lot of new people to get their network marketing business off the ground. This is because they know, like and trust you and would be open to listen just because it's you. A lot of people are already familiar with network marketing, so chances are your friends and family have heard about it. Some of them may have been involved in a network marketing company before.

Before prospecting your warm market, make a list of their names and phone numbers. This is your blue print. When you start a business, everyone you know should be aware of what you offer. If you don't talk to them, someone else will and you may end up regretting it. Write their names and numbers in a note book. No, your cell phone doesn't count. Don't prejudge anyone. Sometimes, the people you least expect will be the ones who're actually open. As you make your list, call each person and simply ask them if they're open to hearing about business opportunities. There are many variations to this question so speak with your upline. Take brief notes on each person you contact and their response. Be sure to ask for referrals from those who're not open. This way, you keep your list or blue print growing.

Situational Prospecting

This type of prospecting may be warm or cold depending on your relationship to the prospect. In this case, you're out and about and meet someone you believe is sharp. You may begin a conversation to see if they have the qualities you're looking for. If they do, then simply ask them if they're open to looking at business opportunities. If they are, give them your card or flyer and take their number as well. Do not start explaining your business opportunity to them right away. Set an appointment for a time when you can both be focused on your opportunity. You can practice situational prospecting anywhere. It could be at your job, out shopping, at your child's school or play ground, at a parade or fair, at a party, in the elevator, while getting your car serviced and just about anywhere there are people. Be sure to add the names and numbers to your list and take notes when you speak with them.

Leads and the Internet

This is a whole new world for many network marketers and it takes time and practice to become proficient. There are many companies that generate leads of opportunity seekers and sell these leads to network marketers. This method takes time and skill because you're dealing with people who don't know you. So, there's no trust initially. There are many resources online to teach you how to approach leads and you must do your home work. Leads can cost a lot of money, so tread carefully. Some lead companies offer free trial leads and free training to help you with the skills you'd need. Take advantage of these.

You can also learn to generate your own leads online using a variety of methods. Having a web presence is essential to capture the information of the prospects. For this, you use a lead capture page. Then you'll need an auto-responder system to follow up with them and determine their level of interest in looking at what you've got. You'll need to learn how to generate traffic to your lead capture page. You can do this by using online and offline methods. Every flyer, business card, newspaper ad, article, press release, email, ezine, ebook, and any other methods you use, must have your website or lead page web address. These are ways to send people to you, so that you can use the auto responder and telephone to find out if they're open to looking at your business opportunity.

There are many different ways of finding the right people for your network marketing business. They'll require persistence and consistency on your part. They may be frustrating sometimes, but they'll eventually pay off. So, pick one or several, but stay focused and committed to your goals. Stay in phase one, prospecting, no matter how big your team grows. Remember that you're sorting for the right people and although not everyone will be open, some will. With prospecting, success in your network marketing business is yours for the taking.
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