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Why Business Coaching Is Here To Stay

Aug 17, 2007
With the increasing competitiveness of businesses around the world, there has been a corresponding increase in the requirement for business coaching. Both major and small businesses are recognizing the fact that competent business coaching actually works. Business coaching helps to create an environment conducive to the general growth of the business enterprise by training it to make adaptations according to the changes that occur. Even a few years back, it was only a very limited number of businesses that utilized business coaching as an instrument of augmenting their business. Statistics today show that in the US nearly 58 percent of small and medium sized businesses are using business coaching in order to benefit their companies.

Business enterprises are increasingly resorting to utilizing business coaching, as it is a cost-efficient way of achieving results. It assists in developing the skills of the workforce, which results in enhanced performance. People who get the benefit of business coaching have the opportunity of receiving guidance related to the difficulties they are confronted with in their daily lives. Business coaching provides fresh perspectives about the everyday activities of business and facilitates the improvements needed in systems, methods and procedures.

Most companies that have opted for business coaching have reportedly benefited from increased productivity and better work quality. It has been observed that when people receive coaching, there is an improvement in relationships within the team, which in turn results in better quality and enhanced productivity. Many business enterprises weigh productivity by the amount of hard work put in by individual employees; however, this approach does not take into account the significance of synergy and work quality.

Often, in their rush to get their work done, employees have a tendency of disregarding quality, and this results in others having to redo work already done. Increased quality and productivity are actually dependent upon employees making a connection between their individual needs with that of the organization they belong to. Employees that find satisfaction in their work environment work smarter and harder and are an asset to the company. Coaching not only helps individual workers discover their worth but also assists them in attaining their highest performance as a part of a team.

Business coaching also aids in bringing about a thorough understanding of the basic principles of business. Coaching is thought to be the best means of bringing about change, development and growth in individuals, organizations and groups. Coaching is considered to be the most effective means of unleashing, developing and maximizing the potential that each individual inherently has within himself or herself. It serves to attain goals for professional and business success.

Customer service, for instance, is directly related to the level of quality as well as the rate of productivity. When there is improved quality and productivity, complaints made by customers lessen significantly. Conversely, when quality falls below standard, it leads to an increase in complaints made by customers and loss of sales. Coaching also aids in bringing about reduction in cost. Companies that facilitate their employees being coached get back about six times the amount they invest in the coaching programs.

Business coaching is about dealing with human relationships and issues about people that occur commonly across all business sectors. Coaching enables making the company a more satisfactory environment to work in. Plus, it also aids in improving communication, working relationships, and decision making processes. The other things it deals with are building sound teams, improving the working conditions, and decreasing the levels of stress - all of which results in the satisfaction of employees in the organization.

By helping employees deal with their stress, coaching enables them to cope with both their personal and professional lives. And when working relationships are improved it indirectly enhances team spirit. In addition, when there is a high level of satisfaction amongst employees, it results in lowering the turnover of employees in the company. Coaching assists people to recognize their inherent strengths and guides them to use them to the fullest. Thus, business coaching processes are not only about growth, but are also designed to modify behavior patterns and enhance skills. Business coaching works because both teams and individuals experience the beneficial effects because leadership qualities are fine-tuned, and change, creativity and innovation are encouraged.
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