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Don't Download Keyword Elite Without Reading This Shocking Review

Aug 17, 2007
Keyword Elite is a software tool you can download created by Brad Callen. One of his software products that gets a lot of mention online is Keyword Elite software.

If you are thinking about whether you should download Keyword Elite or not you really need to read this honest Keyword Elite review before you spend your hard earned money on Keyword Elite and download it when you may not really need to.

I have had so many questions about Keyword Elite that I went to the expense of downloading it myself so that you don't have to.

Keyword Elite comes with a lot of bold claims and hype. Many people new to internet marketing don't know better and simply download products like Keyword Elite before taking any time to research whether Keyword Elite will really work for them and their needs.
That's why I went to the expense to download Keyword Elite for myself so that I could explore the Keyword Elite features for myself.

What I found surprising with my download is that it is not actually one software program, it is in fact five. Each software program has its own uses.

After my download I registered my email to use the product. I was also surprised to learn that the software could actually be registered and used on two computers at the same time. That sort of flexibility is not usually available in the internet marketing arena.

Here's my review of the software including the pros and cons.

I noticed that this keyword software was incredibly easy to use. That is a great bonus for people who are not hugely computer savvy. Also, my download package came with an extensive user manual which could be printed out and highlighted as necessary.

The first program included in the download allows you to analyse pay per click listings of current ppc advertisers. If you type in a specific keyword and click report view you can analyse pay per click competitors in either Google, Yahoo, Miva and Enhance.

The next program included allows you create a huge variety of keyword lists. In fact, you can build a list as small as 100 keywords and you can build a massive list of 10,000 keywords. The manual explains the best times to use Ask and to limit your keyword searches to just 100-300 keywords and when to use Overture and go for a larger list of 1000 keywords. It all depends if you are using the Keyword Elite software tool for Adsense, Adwords or for article submissions.

With your download you also can access to millions of keywords already included in the software. However, I would prefer you to avoid this and create your own laser targeted keyword lists from scratch as it doesn't take long.

When you buy this software you also get the opportunity to analyse your competitors in more detail for SEO purposes. This includes analysing the top websites in Google to find out if they have bolded and underlined keywords, if they are in the title of the page and if the keywords are used in the first and last 25 keywords on the page. This is a useful guide to help you decide how easy or difficult it is going to be to rank for certain websites in the search engines.

There is an often underrated program included with the package and I would be so bold as to suggest that if you are a pay per click advertiser and you don't have a download of Keyword Elite it is costing you money. Included in the price is an ability to legally spy on your ppc competitors. You can see what keywords they are bidding on, how many competitors there are for your keywords and a guide for how long these ads have been running for. You can even set the Keyword Elite scheduler to run up to three times a day to analyse as many competitor's ppc campaigns as you like. Keyword Elite also allows you to actually create and upload Google Adwords campaigns without having to go to the Google Adwords page but doing it all from the comfort of Keyword Elite.

It goes without saying that there are many free keyword search and research tools available. However, as with most things in life you do get what you pay for and if you rely on keywords for Adsense, Adwords or niche marketing or even for writing articles that get free search engine traffic then NOT having Keyword Elite is actually costing you money.

Your purchase also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can download it and try it for 60 days and if you're not happy with it you will get your money back, no questions asked. Your purchase of the software may also be tax deductible.

Also included with your purchase is support and help and lifetime updates to Keyword Elite which is regularly updated with even more improvements.
After my download of Keyword Elite I have used it constantly in growing all my internet businesses.
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