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How To Use Keyword Elite To Create Specific & Targeted Keyword Phrases

Aug 17, 2007
Keyword Elite is a very powerful software tool created by Brad Callen. This article will discuss how Keyword Elite can be used to create specific and targeted keyword phrases.

Here is a guideline for creating targeted and very specific keyword lists with Keyword Elite.
If you go into project 1 of Keyword Elite and select the overture method in step 3 of generating keywords this software will visit the Overture search term suggestion tool to find related keywords to the phrase that you entered.

If in step 4 of the software program you select 100 results to return and clicked okay Keyword Elite would visit Overture and only gather Overture keywords that were related to your keyword phrase. Overture does have its limitations. However, this program will list all of the possible keywords that it can. You will notice that it may run slower if you select Overture as Overture.com is renowned for running slow.

However, by choosing Overture as your search term suggestion tool your keywords will be much more specific than if you selected any of the other options like Ask.com, Yahoo and the Google suggestion tool. However, as I say, since they are so specific you will not be able to create huge lists just with Overture.
If you were to select another option like Ask the software would gather all the keywords that Ask.com had stored. This option will give you a greater range of keywords. For example if your phrase was dog food it may come back with keywords like dog food, home made dog feed, how to help your dog stay healthy, buy dog collar, etc.

If you were to try your hand with the Google suggestion tool the software will give you even more keywords. If you selected the meta tags option in project 1 this software now will visit the top ranked sites in Google for your chosen phrase. These websites have that keyword in their source code. The software will return as many meta tags as possible.

If you were to select Yahoo from step 3 in project 1 of Keyword Elite it will take keywords from the Yahoo search engine. Usually Yahoo won't give a lot of keyword choices beyond the ones you've already gathered from Google, Ask and Overture.

If you select the misspelled keywords choice in the program it will leave out letters and spaces on purpose. This is actually a very effective way of finding very low priced keywords for your pay per click advertising campaigns.

To make best use of these misspelled keywords, use them in Keyword Elite's Analyze PPC Listings project to find out the price for each of these keywords. You may be surprised how common yet inexpensive they are.
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