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How To Explode Your Network Marketing Or MLM Business With Ezine Ads Part 1

Aug 17, 2007
An ezine is an electronic magazine or newsletter. Think about a print magazine that you receive by regular mail. An ezine is an email version of that sent in a topic specific manner. This makes it very easy for people to read. You can find an ezine for virtually any topic you can think of. Quality ezines are packed with great information and resources which keep the subscribers wanting more.

Ezines are sent out to subscribers who have requested to receive information on a specific topic on a consistent basis. Subscribers often opt-in by providing their name and email address. Some ezines are published daily, weekly or monthly. An electronic magazine is a secret weapon you can use to explode your network marketing business.

Normally in an MLM business, new partners are taught to make a list of friends and family to promote their businesses to them. A lot of network marketers find this system cumbersome and are looking for innovative and effective ways to build their businesses. If you're one of those people, then ezine advertisements should be a part of your regular business plan.

You see, ezines are very targeted because people who request them want specific information on that topic. In order to excel in your network marketing career, you need to identify and target those people who're open to the opportunity you offer. When these people see your ad, they'll contact you. This way, you only talk with interested prospects who've contacted you first. Although many other business models use ezines to advertise, most network marketers are still unaware of this very effective medium.

Ezine owners cultivate a relationship with their readers over a period of time. This is because they provide quality content to an eager audience. The readers begin to like and trust the ezine and are confident about the ezine's recommendations. This way, they're likely to buy through that ezine.

The goal of your ezine ad is to have interested prospects chasing you for a change. First you need to set up a lead capture page or a website. This is a site where you direct prospects to so they can enter their information. Once you have their contact information, you can get in touch with the. Never send prospects directly to your company site. You won't be able to capture their information.

You also need a way to follow up with these prospects. You can do so both by email and phone. The way to automate your follow us process is to use an auto responder system. An auto responder sends out messages to your prospects on a consistent basis. As long as the content of the messages are valuable to the prospect, they'll come to trust you and buy from you. So the goal of your ezine ad is to capture the prospect's information so you can follow up with them.

So, find some good quality ezines that are targeted to your market. You do this by reading the archive issues of the ezine and also subscribing to it. Then contact the ezine owner with some questions and advertise. Your business needs ezines that go out to your target market. You need to educate yourself more on this incredible and inexpensive way of advertising. When you do this, you take your network marketing business to a whole new level.
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