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3 Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Lies about affiliate marketing spread faster than a Britney Spears rumor:

Myth: Affiliate marketing is a get rich scheme

Myth: You can be successful as an affiliate marketer with little or not work.

Myth: You will make a full time income in matter of days.

The fact is every new affiliate marketer has had to overcome the misconception that affiliate marketing is a lazy mans get rich quick program. Among the thousands of affiliates out there only about five to ten percent are truly financially successful. The other ninety percent are lucky if they make a hundred dollars a month.

The only way to make it as an affiliate marketer is to work. There I said the dirty word. Many affiliates dont want to put the work in their work at home business. But becoming a high earning affiliate takes a lot of it. It involves:

1.Building a website, one that converts

2.Becoming proficient in search engine optimization and other means of traffic generation because only 2 percent of visitors will buy your product. Hence why affiliates are obsessed with getting traffic.

3.Picking the right merchant. This is usually a trial and error process, and once you have your merchant you need to learn and carry out the best marketing strategies to promote their product.

The assumption that affiliate marketing is a walk in the park is one that should be put clear out of your mind. Although having a ready made product is appealing, marketing is not an easy task even for the pros. So imagine how a new comer with no marketing skills or business sense is going to struggle.

Im not trying to deter anyone from affiliate marketing; if you have a web based business or are looking to make money online affiliate marketing should definitely be undertaken. However, if you, like so many others, sign up with intention of putting up banners and becoming a millionaire be prepared to be disappointed when a month goes by and you have only made a few sales.

That course is assuming your lucky since the hardest challenge is the first few months when you are tying to build traffic, trying to build your opt in list, and are susceptible to information overload.

Overwhelmed, confused and discouraged many marketers quit. In order to be successful you need to decide how much effort you are willing to put into pleasing your visitors. This involves knowing your visitor and being able to determine their needs and how to meet them.

Depending on your marketing skills it may take months or even years of trial and error to become a financial success. Fact is affiliate marketing is a challenge, a rewarding one, but a challenge none the less.
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Jeff Casmer is an award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Best Internet Affiliate Programs Directory gives you all the information you need to Earn Money at Home in the 21st century.
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