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How To Explode Your Network Marketing Or MLM Business With Ezine Ads Part 2 of 2

Aug 17, 2007
There are 4 different ways you can expose your business in an ezine. You can do so through solo ads, sponsor ads, classified ads or article. You should not just place an ad in any ezine. Take some time to do your due diligence by going to ezine directories. These directories have a list of ezines and their topics. If you're targeting Realtors, then look for ezines that go out to this group. Don't target people that are not interested in what you have to offer. Make sure to read the past archives of the ezine or subscribe and receive a copy. Once you find some ezines that match your criteria, then you're ready to go.

Solo Ads.

A solo ad is an ad that goes out by itself to the entire mailing list of the ezine. There are no other ads in that mailing. Imagine that! Obviously solo ads are the best way to advertise in an ezine, but they cost more too. When you speak with the ezine publisher before submitting your ad, ask if they would put in a recommendation. This could be a simple line like "check this out". This is important because the readers like and trust the ezine publisher and the recommendation could go a long way. Don't worry if you don't get a recommendation, but be sure to ask for one.

Sponsor Ads

A sponsor ad is usually about 3 to 7 lines long. It is placed at the top of the ezine when it goes out. This is also an effective way to use ezine advertisement because of the position of your ad. In this case, your ad headline should be able to capture the reader's attention and compel them to click on it. The easiest way to get a great headline is look for ads that capture your attention and imitate them. Sponsor ads can also be placed in the middle or at the bottom of the article. You want to place yours at the top. Sponsor ads are less expensive than solo ads.

Classified Ads

These are the same as the classified ads in your regular newspaper. There can be about 3 or more classified ads in each issue of an ezine. Check to make sure you're the only one with that ad in the issue. Your headline in a classified ad must be very compelling to get the reader to click. Classifieds are the least expensive way to use an ezine, but they're also the least effective. You get what you pay for.


Writing an article for an ezine is a very cost effective and highly effective way to use an ezine to market your network marketing business. You write an article that is in line with the ezine and submit it to the ezine publisher. Once it has been reviewed and accepted, the ezine goes out with your article. This positions you as an expert in the eyes of the reader. There's a resource box at the end of the article where you get to sell yourself. Include a link to your website or capture page in the resource box.

So there you have it. Ezines are an incredible way to explode your network marketing business. Take the time to find reliable ones that target your key audience with high quality content. Then, study the headlines of ads that grab your attention and incorporate their elements into your own ezine ads. Do this and watch your network marketing or MLM business grow by leaps and bounds. More importantly, you won't be hounding friends and family to join you. You'll have interested prospects chasing you for a change.
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