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4 Benefits Of The Long Tail Keywords For The Internet Home Work Income Business

Aug 17, 2007
I write this article with the keyword: internet home work income business, for many reasons. The main reason is that I can enter into many related markets, because this long tail keyword includes several keywords.

The ideal situation would be that all components, or keywords, of the long tail keyword, would be low traffic keywords. And the amount of keywords would be as big as possible. And that a marketer has a long list of the long tail keywords in use. What a traffic!

Each of the keywords is searched separately, some has tens of thousands of searches per month, some only some hundred. Totally there are 9 different keywords but actually much more, because search engine spiders always find more, what I do.

Think about this! I can get this article into 9 different markets using only one keyword, what a save in time. So internet home work income business as a long tail keyword is more effective than one word or two word keyword.

1.The Long Tail Keyword Converts Better.

Let us take an example. If a searcher types a car into the search bar, it is very general, if he types sports car or italian, two seats sportscar, the search is much more targeted. When a long tail keyword is used, the searcher knows what he is looking for and the potential that he buys is bigger.

The question is that the searcher, who uses the long tail keyword has made his thinking process before the search. He has already decided, what he needs and if he will see the same long tail keyword on the site, of course he is interested.

2.Long Tail Keywords Get Easier Good Rankings.

When your site uses the long tail keyword, it will rank better simply because the competition is lower. The marketers of the small keywords normally do not invest so much in marketing, especially in the backlink building. If you have an effective article distributor in use, the chances that you will beat the competition are good.

3.Long Tail Keyword Brings Higher Monetization.

When a visitor types internet home work income business and lands on your site, he knows what he wants and is motivated to buy. He is not just a surfer but a motivated purchaser.

4.Visitors From Natural Searches Convert Better.

A high conversion rate is important for the site. A visitor, who comes through the search engine is very motivated and stats show that this traffic converts around 30 % better than the traffic from the paid search engine advertising.
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