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Setting Realistic Goals In Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
An important factor that is crucial for the success of a business is the setting of realistic goals. Many businesses tend to neglect this important factor that can actually help their businesses scale to greater heights. Learning efficient goal setting skills will enhance the performance and productivity of your business. This is precisely what business coaching helps you to do.

In order to ensure that your business runs smoothly on the right track, a business coach helps you to set specific goals and measure them from periodically. Merely setting goals is not enough. They should also be attainable and be able to be accomplished within a prescribed time period. All these criteria combined together in the right proportion will ensure success and prosperity for your business.

You need to be sure of what your objectives are. Only then can you go about planning how to achieve them. You need to know exactly what you want and accordingly break them down into yearly business objectives. Being specific while setting your goals is the first step towards accomplishing them. You need to roughly outline the entire procedure from beginning till the end and also decide the time frame within which it is to be accomplished. Setting vague goals is going to leave you all the more confused, hence, you ought to set specific goals.

Goals should be set in such a manner that they can be measured from time to time. In other words, setting of quantifiable goals is advisable. Asking questions like how much and how many will help you to set measurable goals. It is important to measure your goals so that you are aware of where you stand. Measuring your goals helps you to keep a record of your progress and your accomplishments and thus indicates what improvements you need to make. This will allow you to focus the right efforts in the right direction and also keep you motivated at the same time. Measuring goals is essential to keep your business on the right track. In short, measuring goals paves the way to success.

Setting goals is not as simple as it looks. More than merely setting goals, it is important to set goals that can be achieved with the available means. Setting goals that are highly impossible to achieve will only de-motivate you and very soon even before you are halfway through, you will lose interest. Hence, concentrate on setting goals that will not prove to be a losing proposition in the end. First, identify goals that can be achieved with the resources available to you, then accordingly work your way towards developing skills and implementing plans in order to achieve them. Obviously, the way to success will be strewn with challenges, but with proper strategic planning and efficient management skills, you can perseveringly work your way towards achieving your business goals.

Although, it may seem difficult to accomplish your goals but it is not impossible, provided that you set realistic business goals. With the available funds and manpower, you only need to concentrate on designing appropriate and efficient ways to achieve them. Do not let unrealistic goals distract you from your real aim. Instead center your attention on setting attainable and realistic goals that can be achieved one at a time. Self-confidence is very essential in such circumstances. You need to firmly believe in yourself and your abilities. Only then can you conquer your dreams.

Goal setting skills include setting a deadline by which date you need to hit the target. Hence, set a suitable timeline within which you plan to achieve your business goals. The time frame can vary from a week time to a month to even a year, depending on what goals you have set for your business.
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