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Business Coaching And Change Management

Aug 17, 2007
Business coaching is a systematic practice of developing and perfecting efficient business skills in order to improve the performance and productivity of business with a view to enhance profits. A business coach, during his coaching sessions, strives to steer the management towards achieving significant results in the organizational structure. Business coaching provides an ideal platform to business owners and proprietors to achieve the yearly objectives and long-term goals of business by drawing out customized plans and developing appropriate business strategies. A business coach tries to instill various managerial and other soft skills. He helps to identify the routine problems of a business and at the same time provide practical solutions also.

A business coach acts by dispersing the following responsibilities:

1. He boosts the morale of the management by enabling them to responsibly perform the duties assigned to them. This way they are accountable for their actions and consequently the results as well.

2. He helps his coachees put the right efforts in the right direction. He provides a firm support to them by enabling them to realize which direction they need to take in order to achieve the desired results. Through proper planning, he ensures that the business is moving on the right track.

3. Besides managerial skills, he inculcates various other basic essential qualities like organizational skills, good communication skills, critical thinking, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and multi-tasking skills that are critical in the field of business. All these skills and traits, when combined, enhance the performance of the workforce, thereby forming the basis of a successful business.

4. It is the responsibility of the business coach to keep the management inspired and motivated at all times. He not only has to lead the team but also ensure that everyone follows him by addressing various issues like behavioral problems.

5. Although he is the leader, it should lead the team by being a part of it. He should not act as a dictator but rather as a mentor. Through logical reasoning, he has to convince the management and not force his views and opinions on them.

6. In case of a conflict, a business coach has to handle the situation diplomatically and follow a middle path. This allows him to make profitable decisions.

7. He boosts the confidence and encourages the management to keep searching for viable options even in case of adversities.

8. He infuses and builds team cooperation, which is necessary in order for a business to prosper. He assists the owner to set attainable and realistic goals and then accordingly also aids the management to evaluate, analyze and find practical solutions.

9. He ensures that the determined targets and objectives are achieved within the prescribed time frame.

10. As change agents, they help the management to realize their full potential. Business coaches enable their students improve their strengths and hence, make up for their shortcomings.

11. He provides them with a proper and thorough understanding of various business principles and utilizes them appropriately.

In short, a business coach helps you achieve your business goals by focusing on development of essential business skills and changing your outlook of the future.
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