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Get Around The 'Expert - Infopreneur' Paradox

Aug 17, 2007
To be a successful infopreneur, you must give your audience valuable information that is useful to them. High quality information requires a level of expertise to create or find and compile.

So, most infopreneurs need to be experts. And those infopreneurs who try and venture into niches where they lack expertise often end up falling flat on their face.

By picking and choosing a subject on which you are the expert, you will conveniently side-step this potential pitfall and become the axle around which the wheel of your infopreneuring empire revolves. Often this means you need to have first acquired the knowledge, expertise and real-world experience in the area you are teaching others.

To take an example, Donald Trump is ideally qualified to teach real estate investing, and is indeed one of the well known infopreneurs in that niche. But a beginner who is just dabbling in real estate, or has little to no experience handling the complex issues involved in buying and selling real estate has no business teaching it.

By attempting it you will not add value to your buyer, and there is a very real risk you could harm or compromise their future seriously by your misguided attempt.

So even if it appears lucrative in the short term, do not risk your reputation and business survival by getting involved in areas where you do not have the necessary expertise. It is far better to team up with a real expert, if you are determined to explore that niche.

Another way to work around this limitation in expertise is to redefine your niche suitably.

Assume you want to teach others about investing in the foreign exchange market, but have only 2 years of your own experience - much of it not very profitable. If you try and write a book about Forex investing for people looking to make a quick, big return in this high-risk environment, you are likely to be caught out - and shamed.

On the other hand, you could leverage your 2 years of learning and experience to come up with a beginner level course targeting others like you who are taking their first hesitant steps into forex trading. Your information product could teach them the essential basics - how to set up a trading account, what issues they should be aware of, how to carry out 'paper trades' to test their aptitude, the best places to carry out online trades and more.

Always keep in mind that you are the expert to someone about something - because you know things they do not. But at the same time, you are a 'student' who can always learn something more from another 'expert' at a more advanced level than you. Never try and pretend to be that expert - instead, play to your own considerable strengths.

In these areas, playing to your strength can mean telling your own unique story. You do NOT need expensive tools or equipment. You do NOT need a big marketing and advertising budget. You do NOT need an office, staff or employees.

You can launch your information business with a story, a true one based on your actual experience and expertise. That's a surefire way to making your infopreneur fortune.
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