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How To Properly Format Your Cover Letter

Aug 17, 2007
Three main elements form the core of a cover letter format. These are the introduction, the presentation and the follow up. The introduction explains why you are writing and who you are. The presentation lets the potential employer know what skills you have to offer and what you are planning to bring to the company and position. It also lets them know which positions you are applying for. Each position should have it's own resume and cover letter.

Each type of cover letter is going to contain different elements within the three format core paragraphs. If you are writing a cover letter for a position that has already been advertised, the elements, which need to be included in the introduction paragraph, are items like where you heard about the position, the title of the position or the reference number that was indicated with the position. It is also a good idea for you to include how interested you are in the position and how well you think your skills will match.

If you are writing an inquiry cover letter, include the specific job objective you have. This will go along way to placing you in the forefront of a potential employers mind. If no jobs are available, it may be enough for them to remember you when a job does show up. If you are sending out a networking letter, be sure to politely request information and make sure you clearly state exactly what you are looking for.

The second paragraph of your cover letter should include what you have to offer or what you can bring to the stated position or the target company. This should be the main body of your cover letter. It is important to refer to the qualifications and skills indicated in the advertisement if you are sending this in regards to an already advertised position. Indicate how you fill each one of these requirements.

If you are making an inquiry letter, let a perspective employer know how it is you can fill potential needs of the company. This may require researching into the company's market and growth capabilities. If a job becomes available, this will be the key information that remains in an employers mind when considering applications from an applicant pool. If you are writing a networking letter, indicate achievements, problem solving and organizational skills along with any other skills, which may be pertinent to the job objective.

The final part of the cover letter format is the follow up paragraph in any of the types of cover letters this will indicate a repeat interest in the job, your contact information. Depending on the type of position indicate you will follow up to make an interview appointment and the follow up method, be sure to follow up as indicated in the cover letter and be sure to check that the type of follow up indicated is permitted by the company before sending your letter.
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