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Credit Bureaus Help Businesses And Customers Relate

Aug 17, 2007
Credit reporting agencies are set up to gather financial facts and present them in an organized fashion. They collect information from various banks, mortgage companies, department stores and other creditors about credit accounts and compile it into a credit report for all the working population. This report is used largely to determine further lending and rates on interests on loans/credit cards. The credit agencies do not make any lending decisions themselves. They just give preliminary data based on which the financial agencies like banks, credit unions take decisions.

This phenomena of using Credit Bureaus is not new in America and has been there since 1830's.This phenomena has however come to Asia recently only. This is the reason Credit Rating System in USA is so very well developed and sophisticated.

In USA there are three main credit agencies:

* Equifax
* Experian
* Trans Union Corp

Experian is a giant with over $2 Billion in sales and works in over 50 countries. Recently it spilt from its British parent and is now an independent entity. It's based in Costa Mesa. Experian has started operations in china. Its helping the Bank of China with technical support, consultancy etc. Experian is also present in Japan and South Korea. It provides retail data, analysis solution also and is globally famous for as a financial services company employing more then 12000 people.

The Experian Bureau has a database comprising credit data on over 215 million U.S. consumers and more then 15 million U.S. businesses. Experian's database is more than 65 terabytes or 65 trillion bytes of data. Experian also maintains database with demographic information on over 215 million consumers and the 110 million unique dwellings they reside in, within the United States of America.

To keep fresh and accurate, Experian Bureau ensures more than 4.5 billion updates occurring each month. Experian Bureau use state-of-the-art technology to protect credit data and maintain strict privacy standards. They help to make American credit databases the most secure and accurate in the world. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which Experian follows closely, also has laws in place to ensure only those with a permissible purpose and whose identity has been verified are permitted to view a consumer credit profile.

Experian's databases provide a whole lot of financial solutions to clients for optimize targeting and acquiring of new clients, managing and maximizing current client offerings. Since, Experian provides an expertise in risk management and credit marketing, its clients can enrich their relationships with their own customers.

The reason Experian Bureau is so popular is that it understands its customers extremely well. They have ingratiated the philosophy that more data you have better will be your understanding of your customers. It keeps a wealth of information on its customers. They collect data analyze it and creatively use it to connect with their customers. They offer most unique customer information solutions to the customers. This is the reason Experian is the Market Leader in its chosen business.
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