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Aug 17, 2007
Starting your own home photography business can be an expensive but very lucrative venture. You need to know what the high paying market is so you can make back your initial investment and then make a good income.

Besides the typical Wedding, Graduation, Pregnancy, Family, and Engagement photos you want to look into big areas like dog shows. You will make good money on the others but they are a highly competitive business that will force you to mark your prices down to get sales.

Dog shows offer an excellent source of good income. Because dog breeds are chosen on their looks and there are so many breeds and dogs in a given show there is a high need for many photographers. You will want to:

* Talk with the entrants at the dog shows. Ask them how often they need photographs and if they are happy with what they have right now or in the past. Get an idea of what the consumer needs and wants.

* Listen to the buyer's complaints on past or current experiences. Devise a strategy to provide a better service and give better quality pictures. Decide whether you can give them better quality for a better price and faster service.

* Watch your competitors while they work. Make notes on what they do and don't do and work out a mechanism to better satisfy your customers in the future.

* Do research. Look at magazines and web sites that discuss what people are looking for in dog show photos or breed photos. You want to know what you need to capture for specific breeds and how to make the dog look like a champion.

* Broaden your range. Think about other pets or champion animal market such as horses. You can offer to do photographs with people and their pets. This is a high market of interest for pet owners. Many people love the idea of having a professional portrait done with their prized animals.

When thinking about this line of business you need to look outside the box sometimes to make sure you get the money you so desire. Don't limit yourself to just one area. Hit on many areas and research which ones bring in the best money.

Be flexible and offer several types of packages in an array of categories. You could offer 5 different packages per category to ensure you are hitting on each particular customer's needs. This will allow the people who may not be able to spend as much as others still use your business.

It will also get you repeat business from your clients as well. A home photography business can be quite lucrative once the initial investment is done.
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