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Smart Infopreneurs Must Know Their Market First!

Aug 17, 2007
Have you heard the saying about "putting the cart ahead of the horse"?

Well, that's exactly how most infopreneurs approach their business - and the primary reason for many failing at it, or massively under-performing their potential.

The key to successfully selling information products to niche target markets lies in this critical factor...

You Must Find Your Ideal Market First

Forget about your product. Don't bother about what you know best. Both are useless without a hungry crowd desperately wanting your information product.

So the big question to ask yourself first is: "Who wants or needs what I know?" The answer to that question should define the course of all your actions to build an infopreneur business.

Let's assume you've discovered a cure for cancer. Who needs it? People with cancer, of course. No matter how excellent your information is, it will only be of peripheral interest to someone without cancer. And even if it is poorly packaged, sloppily presented, expensively priced - it will be of immense value to a cancer sufferer who may benefit from the value of your information.

Where are you likely to be able to sell water easily? In a desert, where everyone is thirsty. Not in an oasis where water is plentiful and many others are there to sell it. Who will buy from your hamburger stand? Hungry folks.

The key to info-preneuring success is locating your perfect prospective audience, people that face a problem, experience a pain, feel a deficiency that your information product solves.

But that alone is not quite enough. Your ideal prospect is one who not only wants or needs your product, but also:

* Can afford to buy it - If you are selling investment guides to bankrupt clients, you are doomed to fail... because your target market cannot afford to pay your asking price.

* Has previously bought similar things - A past customer is many more times likely to buy a related product or service again than someone who has never exhibited buying behavior in the past.

* Is willing to spend the money - Being able to afford something is NOT often the same as being willing to spend the cash on it! Make sure your research covers this issue, and that your niche has people able AND willing to pay for your information.

* Can be identified easily - If your target market does not share other common interests or give you a way to conveniently identify and reach them with your marketing message, then you may end up wasting a fortune on advertising - and still not make a dent in the market!

By clearly defining your ideal prospective buyers and ensuring they fit the criteria detailed above, you will find it easy and effective to be successful as an infopreneur.

That's why smart infopreneurs must always know their market - first!
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Internet infopreneur Gowri Cumba has built many profitable online information resources, and shares powerful tips to help you also build wealth from information resources on the "Internet Infopreneur Tips" blog. Read more infopreneur articles or register for the free ezine - infopre-tips@aweber.com
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