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How To Write Google Ads That Attract Clicks

Aug 17, 2007
The aim of Google ads is to convince people to buy something. The words you use in your Google ads are very important. People care only getting their problems solved. For example, before buying a registry cleaner, people always want to know whether or not the registry cleaner can remove all the ad-ware or spy-ware from their computer. They want to know all the features, as well as the price. The biggest challenge is your limited space. In Google ads, the headline is 25 characters, and the body is 35 characters. Therefore, your goal should be clear, simple and relevant.
The headline should contain the exact keywords you are bidding on. That means if you are bidding on the keywords phrase "slow computer", your headline should be something like "Fix Your Slow Computer" or "Why Your Computer Is Slow". Many people make a huge mistake by writing the headline like "Buy Spy Doctor Now". People who search "slow computer" are always looking for information first, but not the product review. Remember, your Google ads must be relevant to what people really want. If your potential customers think that it is truly relevant, they will click your ads, and your CTR will increase.

After the headline, you still have two lines to convince your potential customer. Think about that, if you are looking for something to buy, what do you want to know next. Yes, the product's feature and whether the product can fill your needs. Therefore, in your ads, the second line you should write about is the benefits. Again, if you are selling registry cleaner, you should provide information in the second line about how effective the registry cleaner to remove the virus. For example, you can write something like "Speed Up Your PC & Stop Crashes" or "Safely improve PC performance" to inform people about what your product can do. Therefore, the second line of your ads should tell your potential customers how they would actually be helped by what you have written.

The last line should list your offer or the price. If you are selling Amazon product for example, you can write something like "For Only $199 - Free Shipping". Just make everything simple, and do not include any call-to-action phrase here.

In conclusion, a good ads should be clear, straightforward, interesting, customer-centered, and most importantly, relevant. Selling on the internet is just like selling in person. People will see that you are doing real business, and they will click and buy.
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