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Keeping Your Home Office In Order

Aug 17, 2007
The home-office concept is gaining popularity and it is considered as one of the fastest growing additions to the home and lucrative too. Some people build an actual office, while some design it within the home. Generally people convert an isolated place or an extra bedroom or a loft into an office and start working. But such home offices also should be organized well so that it does not dampen the productivity desired. The success of a home office lies in the proper utility of space. You should define the home office well from the other spaces. Arranging things and keeping them in order can save a lot of time. There are some simple steps that can empower you and can be used to organize your daily activities.

Proper billing- Mark each bill with its envelope, providing a visual signal to remember the due dates. Put the bills, which have to be paid on the top shelf and the one that is paid in the file. Protect and keep all your important papers safely.

Preplan your objectives-Invest in a planner so that you can chart your assignments as well as the schedule of your subordinate. Always have a hard copy, in case your computer crashes. A planner will guide you through your projects and you will be prepared to handle all the issues as and when they arise.

Proper filing- Make sure that you file all documents according to requirement. If you are preparing yourself for a presentation then prepare your content and file them neatly so that you dont misplace anything. Whenever possible use a label maker to label the files. Separate your personal and business files. Dont neglect any warranties or instructions booklets.

Space management- You will not be able to manage your business well if your office space is not well organized. You cant run a business if you are wasting your precious time searching for files. So spend some time and organize all your files and keep them in shelves. Do not clutter the office space with papers instead make sure your filing is updated regularly.

Clear taxes before its late- Dont misuse your time researching all the tax laws, as this will impact your business. Do your research well in advance so that you are prepared to pay the appropriate taxes well on time.

Buy useful office equipment- Try investing in all the office equipment that is useful to you for example fax machine, hanging folders, color coding files etc. This will save your precious time.

Dont ignore your computer- A computer is the center piece of many home offices. Keep it updated by periodically converting your files into DVDs or CDs and always protect your computer with anti-virus software or firewall.

Insurance- Take an insurance policy that covers all your assets. Dont wait till the disaster occurs, as it destroys your inventory. You cannot waste money on such loses when it could have been prevented with an appropriate insurance cover. Take out some time to organize yourself because if you devote some time for filing calendars, or creating a skill sheet it will reduce a tremendous amount of work pressure.
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