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All Network Marketers Are Not Created Equal

Aug 17, 2007
A majority of network marketing companies pass off a very dangerous half-truth to their distributors. It goes something like this, "Anyone can do this network marketing business!" This idea is also implied in blanket statements like this one, "Make $20,000 a month in just 2 years!" This would lead anyone to believe that in just two years, they can go from zero to hero, regardless of their experience, skill sets, and financial status.

The simple fact of the matter is this, not all network marketers are created equal. All mlm distributors enter the race at different starting points, and some are definitely closer to the finish line than others. Some people have enormous head starts on others in terms of experience, skills, time, and money, and just because some people were able to successfully hit $20,000 a month in just two years doesn't mean that everyone will accomplish this.

The problem lies with network marketing companies pumping up their distributors to believe that anyone can immediately jump right into their business and achieve the same results as the big mlm players. What these network marketing newbies aren't told by their uplines, sponsors, or companies, is that often times the big, top money earners move from company to company. When this occurs, they pile all of their experience, their marketing system, their huge guru status, as well as a big portion of their downline into a U-haul and move everything with them. This makes it very easy for them to start earning massive commission checks almost immediately with their new mlm company.

And all the poor beginners hear about is how this brand new, wet behind the ears, distributor has soared from making nothing to $30,000 a month in less than six months time, and how they can do it too! They fail to realize that behind this person's rapid rise to mlm stardom is years of experience, thousands of dollars in expenses, countless hours of hard work, and often times extensive backgrounds in sales and marketing.

For example, what if someone like a stay-at-home mom, a fireman, a car mechanic, or a construction worker wants to start their own home based business? Do you think they'll see the same kind of results in the same time period as the successful network marketing professional? I highly doubt it. It's really absurd to think that everyone in network marketing is on a level playing field, because this simply isn't the case.

There are several factors that contribute to how fast brand-new mlm reps can start making the big bucks, with the first one being skills. The most important skills that a newbie can master are sales skills. Because when distributors are involved with a top mlm company, they're involved with selling things to people. Network marketing and sales go hand in hand, contrary to what your company and upline might have their distributors believing. Sales skills can definitely be learned by anyone who wants to. It's not a magic ability that people are born with.

The second factor is the amount of time they can put into their business. To be successful, distributors need to invest at least 8-10 hours of pure action time every week. This is the bare minimum! It would be better if they could spend 12-15 hours a week, but everyone's situation is different. Some successful mlm distributors don't have day jobs, so they can work on their business full time, while others have to go to work everyday. Ultimately it comes down to how well distributors manage their time.

The third factor is the amount of money that can be spent on their business. Often times network marketing companies mislead their distributors by telling them that all they'll need to pay for is the initial start-up fee, and their mandatory monthly product orders. They fail to teach them that an ongoing monthly marketing budget is absolutely essential for running their business at full potential.

They will need this money to generate qualified mlm leads, or mlm prospects to help grow their business. There are really only two ways for distributors to obtain their own leads, they can generate them using their own advertising, or they can pay someone to do this for them. Ultimately they should strive to generate their own network marketing leads, but purchasing them from someone is a really quick way to get started. Good leads are the lifeblood of any successful mlm business, and without them even the best mlm distributors will fail.
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