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Top 10 Reasons to Hate Your Sponsor and 11 Reasons to Love Them!

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever been so excited about something you thought would make you a lot of money, only to have it blow up in your face and let you down? You're not alone. Thousands of people join one or more of the many network marketing business opportunities that are flashed all over the net. The sad part is that many people end up a lot broker at the end than when they first started. Does that describe you?

There are various reasons for this, one being that perhaps the person that brought you into the business, also known as a sponsor, did not know a heck of a lot about marketing or even business for that matter. They couldn't even point you in the right direction. It's a classic case of the blind leading the blind.

This is one of many challenges you will endure in your network marketing journey. You will either succumb or prosper from these challenges. However, it's through these challenges that you learn some of the secrets to becoming massively successful in your business. Most of these lessons will be taught to you unknowingly by the ones closest to you in your business - your sponsor and the rest of you upline. Here are the top challenges and the lessons learned.

1. They never return your calls or anyone else's.

As a result, you learn to be independent and seek out answers for yourself.

2. They have conference calls that last for hours, but it's always the same old tired MLM propaganda i.e. "everybody can do this business!" Or "everyone needs to order more

As a result, you learn to differentiate between leaders that lead and leaders that follow everybody else.

3. They encourage you to do more of "it" - whatever that means!

As a result, you learn how to track your marketing so that you know what's working and what is not working, and thus improve "it".

4. They tell you to "smile and dial" knowing damn well you don't have any teeth.

As a result, you learn not to take things so personally and listen for the spirit of the message and not the literal meaning.

5. They give you a list of eight month old leads and tell you should be able to sponsor someone!

As a result, you learn to be grateful for the little help they do give you.

6. After signing you up and taking your credit card number, they disappear into the Twilight Zone never to be heard from again until convention rolls around.

You learn to persevere and carry-on and be a better role model than the one they were to you.

7. They don't give you any advice or guidance, but yet wonder why you aren't building your business and making them richer.

As a result you learn that your success or failure lies within you and not them.

8. They lie and tell you everyone is your prospect, so you immediately make an ass out of yourself lurking in the business section of Barnes and Noble waiting for unsuspecting victims to vomit your mlm spiel on.

As a result, you learn better marketing techniques on your own, and you become more successful than them.

9. You find out that your sponsor was part of a contest to see how many prospects could be signed up in a month...she won and you realize that you were just another "number" and worth a $5 bag of popcorn at Target!

As a result, you learn that no one else can determine your value. Your value to the marketplace will be determined by the skills you bring forth.

10. After two years, you're just as broke and you're ready to quit after spending thousands of dollars on self-development, self-improvement, and self-enlightenment CDs.
Your sponsor then says to you..."You didn't give it a chance."

As a result, you look back and see what you've done that got you to this point. You re-assess your marketing and business plans and decide to continue on and stay the course
until you succeed.

Through their indifference to you and their faulty 1970s marketing advice, you have persevered and found a way to build your business successfully.

You've managed to do it without making massive phone calls to idiots who fill out "work at home surveys" to get an IPOD like the one they already have. And you did it without them and in spite of them.

Thus, the eleventh reason to love your sponsor is that they forced you to become the leader that they could never be. You were forced to find a better way. And you did.
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