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Dress Codes For Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
According to studies, people will warm up easily to speakers who look comfortable and very professional in what they wear. According to experts, those who look uncomfortable in their clothes does not really inspire much confidence from his or her audience. In most cases, the audience will feel uncomfortable and bored in their seats a couple minutes after the speaker started talking.

When doing business presentations to investors, your looks are just as important as your ideas. Whether you like it or not, appearance matters when meeting with investors so you need to look your best. Note that dressing well will make you look more intelligent and respectable so make sure that you look the part and gain the confidence of the investors. Always remember that you are selling yourself and your company during these meetings so make sure that you look good enough to demand a good price.

Choosing The Right Type Of Clothes

Before you go on a business presentation, you should first know who your audience will be. If your audience tends to be formal and conservative, dress conservatively. There is really no point of letting your self stick out like a sore thumb and embarrassing yourself during your presentation by wearing t-shirt and flip-flops. A nice dress trousers and a jacket will do nicely for men while a skirt or a pant suit and jacket will look great on women.

When it comes to colors of the clothes, forget about those shocking colors and opt for those dark blue or grey ones. The lesser colors you have on your clothes, the better. Always remember that you are going to a business presentation meeting with investors not a holiday in the Caribbean so ditch the colorful shirts please. You do not really want to create an impression that you are very carefree so behave and dress accordingly.

When dressing for a business presentation, you should make sure that your clothes are neat and clean. Clean those shoes and keep them in good condition. Although most of the people will be looking at your face as you speak, some of them will sneak a look at your feet too so make sure that your shoes are not soiled.

Your hair should be neatly styled when you make a presentation. For women with long hair, a neatly pulled back hairstyle would do nicely when doing a presentation for a conservative audience. For men, a clean look is very desirable too. As for make-up and jewelries, wear less of both. Women should wear very subtle make up when making presentations to investors.

Above all, mind your posture and your manners when meeting with your investors. Do not slouch. Even if you are nicely dressed, slouching will destroy the over all impact of that nice attire.
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