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MLM Training - Talk to Any Prospect, Anytime, Without Fear or Hesitation

Aug 17, 2007
Most network marketers fail because they are too afraid to talk with people about their MLM business or products. But real MLM success is possible when you follow these three proven steps to get over the fear of talking with prospects. I know they work - I sponsored 56,000 people using these three steps. Now, read them and use them yourself.

An unidentified person sent me this question:

My biggest challenge has been picking up that 50-lb. "black snake" [the telephone] to prospect. I'm sick and tired of FEAR ruling this aspect of my life. Tim, how do I conquer this fear once-and-for-all, and get on with my life?

The "tough love" answer is stop pretending to be in fear about it.

A person "trying" to quit smoking; still is. A person "trying" to lose weight; still is. A person "trying" to over come fear of the phone; still is.

In the words of Yoda*, "No try, only do."

So, here are the three simple steps that will help you overcome the fear of calling prospects and put you on the road to MLM success:

1. Rehearse what you will say.

2. Decide to do a call.

3. Pick up the phone and dial before fear intercepts your decision.

Steps 2 and 3 are my trick to get myself to consistently exercise. If I give myself 30 seconds to think, - if I feel like it; - I NEVER work out! I set an alarm to alert me at a specific time - when it chimes - I push my chair away from my desk and go get dressed for a workout immediately.

The steps above assume you have already listened to the detailed MLM training for talking with prospects in Professional Inviter a few times and have heard me do live calls. If not, do that immediately.

The reason I put the live calls in there is so you can hear the way calls are supposed to sound - and the reason I put the people rejecting me on the last CD is so you can hear that I lived through it - and went on to achieve phenomenal MLM success.

You too can achieve this same success with the right training.

On the subject of personal growth, there are some things about you that are good to gradually change - making phone calls isn't one of them. I do believe you should rehearse before you make calls. So, spend 10 minutes rehearsing - decide to make calls - make the call. Wrap that "black snake" around your elbow and don't put it down until you make X number of calls. Do NOT expect any results.

Why? Well, listen to Professional Inviter specifically the Ten Communication Qualities and you will know that you will not be doing most of them correctly because all you can focus on is fear. How can you possibly be INTERESTED in your prospect when you're fearful?

So, make a bunch of calls (preferably to people you don't know) and just know you probably won't get any new people to join your business. But what you will get is the ability to make calls and that's worth millions.

So the bottom line to getting over the fear of picking up the phone and dialing a prospect is to face the fear head on. First, get educated and trained so you know how to effectively communicate with prospects. And the second, and most important step to your MLM success is to just jump in and do it - make those calls!
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