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Infopreneurs Content Creation Secrets

Aug 17, 2007
The most important asset of your infopreneur business, the reason people would want to do business with you, is your content.

It doesn't matter

- what your infopreneur business is about
- or how pretty your packaging looks
- or that you administer it excellently
- or that you are the top expert in your area
- or that you have hundreds of pages on your website

The most important thing is the content you provide your audience. You'll be judged harshly by your readers, viewers and listeners. Many of them will come into contact with you for the first time, by accidentally stumbling across your website.

You must strive to overwhelm them with exceptionally good content. Doing this is the only trick in your bag to impress them, and then keep them happy, satisfied and wanting more.

In the infopreneur publishing world, "Content is King". If you provide content of a consistently superior quality, your business will be a success. But then you already knew this! What you are looking for as you read this article is useful information about becoming an infopreneur.

So, how do infopreneurs develop content? They do it in 3 ways - create it, syndicate it or buy content.

You can create it.

This is the simplest way, if you are capable of creating content quickly and easily. If you are a good writer, then you can write your own articles, special reports and course material. If you have a good speaking voice and access to recording equipment, you can easily come up with audio information products. And with slightly more complex apparatus, you can record video presentations, live events, seminars and coaching bootcamps - making a multimedia version of your information product.

You can syndicate it.

In case you are not able to come up with your own information products on a regular sustainable basis, you can always licence, rent or borrow content others have created.

Some content syndication services specifically create content for the purpose of licencing and syndicating them for others to use. This benefits the content creator by giving them access to a wider audience than they can reach on their own. And you, as an infopreneur, can benefit too by saving time and effort involved in coming up with fresh content by yourself.

You can buy it.

Content creation for hire, either exclusively for your use or as part of a private label content package is another option for those not able to create their own content.

You can get an expert involved in creating content for you, and then put that material to use in your information marketing efforts. This helps you leverage off the knowledge and effort of someone else, while using the valuable content generated in your business.

Which method you choose to use is based on many factors like your skills, time availability and budget for business development. But regardless of what you do, remember that the quality of content you present your audience is ultimately your responsibility - no one else's.

You and your business will be judged on the basis of the quality of content and information you provide. Make sure that impression is a good one - and use only high quality content.
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Internet infopreneur Gowri Cumba has built many profitable online information resources, and shares powerful tips to help you also build wealth from information resources on the "Internet Infopreneur Tips" blog. Read more infopreneur articles or register for the free ezine - infopre-tips@aweber.com
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