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Prepaid Legal Services Home Based Business Opportunity Review

Aug 17, 2007
Prepaid Legal Services has been around for over 30 years and the founder, Harland Stonecipher, chose to market these services through network marketing. It has been called, by many industry leaders, "The best home based business opportunity ever."

What is a prepaid legal service plan?
Prepaid Legal Services Inc (PPL) has networked many top rated law firms across the nation to assist its members with several everyday legal situations.

Now before we had HMO's we paid for our healthcare on a per visit basis. Well, a medical emergency could, and did, financially cripple a family. Well, today we do that with our legal system. We pay on a "per visit" basis. If you ask anyone why they don't talk to an attorney about a legal situation, most people will say it's because they can't afford it. At $200-$300 an hour most people CAN'T afford it and either sweep their legal situation under the rug, hope it goes away, or try to find other means.

Well PPL has given people another alternative. For a small monthly fee, people can have many of their legal issues addressed and know which direction to go in. Now, you're not going to need their services every day, but they're there when you need them. It is very similar to the concept of our health care. It is really giving people a peace of mind when it comes to legal situations that arise in their life.

What about the home based business opportunity?
Not only can someone take advantage of the membership, but they can enroll as an associate to help market the product and generate some income.

Now there is an entry fee that varies depending on the promotion running at the time, but it is relatively inexpensive. The most I've seen it is $249.00. Once enrolled, the independent associate can market the product across the country. Some states do require a license. There is also a replicated website that can be purchased to enroll online.

The company pays an advanced commission on all sales, and an override for memberships generated in a downline. It can also be offered as a company benefit, which can be very lucrative.

Is it truly the best home based business opportunity out there?
In my opinion, it is well run and there are several people that are making a great living doing it. Yes, people need legal assistance from time to time, and they have an identity theft protection that is head and shoulders above anything else out there as well. We all know that identity theft is an epidemic in this country. So it is a product that everyone needs. There is a heck of a lot of people as associates so you can join the masses, and then the secret is in the marketing. It is truly just a numbers game.

Things to consider!
It is just like any other network marketing company in that, in order to make the big money, you need to get a lot of people in your downline making consistent sales. Attending weekly meetings, conference calls, national conventions and spending many hours on the phone are also part of the equation for the huge income.
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