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Establish Yourself as an Expert and Watch Your Business Bloom

Aug 17, 2007
Experts are the go-to people within their field. They are the ones you turn to for information you can trust. And, when you're ready to purchase a product or service, you want to trust your hard-earned money to someone with the knowledge to deliver exactly what you need. You want an expert.

Considering that you want to deal with experts, it stands to reason that your potential customers are looking for experts as well. So, becoming an expert in your field could really help your business grow exponentially. Fortunately, becoming an expert in your field is actually pretty easy to do.

To begin with, you need to determine just what your field is. Think in very narrow terms. You might be an outstanding business consultant in general; however, business consultants do many things from assisting with the development of business plans to fine-tuning human resource processes to creating marketing campaigns. And, they might do so for a huge variety of industries.

Instead of billing yourself as simply a business consultant, find the one area you really excel at and make yourself an expert there. For example, perhaps you have a great deal of knowledge in the restaurant industry and that's where you like to do your consulting work -- you're great at helping restaurants run more smoothly and attract more customers. In this case, it might be an excellent idea for you to become an expert restaurant consultant.

Once you've decided on your niche, you'll need to begin telling people what you know. There are a number of ways in which you can share your knowledge. One of them is through the development of a monthly newsletter. Sending your customers and potential customers a one-page newsletter keeps your name fresh in their minds. It also shows that you know your business and helps build a relationship so that when your services are needed, you'll be the first they'll turn to.

Although writing a newsletter might sound a bit difficult and time-consuming, it's really much easier than you might think. There are some truly fantastic software programs available to help you quickly and easily create an attractive layout into which you can plug your monthly articles. And, there's no need to write more than a page each month since your goal is mainly just to keep your name out there in connection with some interesting information. Besides, most people won't take time to read more than a page anyway.

Another highly effective means of establishing yourself as an expert is to write articles and submit them to online article directories for publication throughout the Internet. There are tens of thousands of publishers looking for good, informative articles for use in their newsletters and on their web sites. Since your article will always include a resource or "about the author" box, information about how to reach your website or how to contact you will always accompany the articles you write, spreading your name and expertise to more and more people.

Most important, always comport yourself with the authority you deserve. You know a lot about your field and you've got a lot of information to share. Don't talk yourself out of using your know-how to establish yourself as an expert. There are many people who need the help, products, and services you have to offer and they'll feel better knowing you're an expert in the field.
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