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Write and Submit an Article for Your Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
Just starting an online business is a big task, but letting people know you're out there is even bigger. These days, hundreds of thousands of new businesses make an appearance on the Internet every week, so getting your business noticed will take some doing. However, if you know how to write and submit an article for your business, or know someone who can, then you're one step ahead of the competition already.

Promotion is the key to driving clients to your new online business, but if you're like most new business owners, especially home businesses, you know your budget is limited. However, if you can put a few sentences together and know a bit about English grammar, you can make a dent in that promotion To-Do list by writing articles about your business, and then submit them to various online and printed sources.

Many new business owners don't have the time or inclination to write articles, or fear that they won't be able to compete with professionals, but who's going to know the difference as long as you make sure to use proper grammar and sentence structure in your article? YOU know your business better than anyone; you know what you're selling, how it works, what it does, etc.

If you feel terribly uncomfortable about writing or don't know how to submit an article for yourself, then hire someone who does. There is a large number of freelance writing websites on the Internet that will provide freelance writers who will work within your budget to produce one or 20 or more articles to suit your needs.

To submit an article for your promotional or business marketing needs, make sure that you get what you are paying for. Many article submission providers tell clients that they will post your articles to hundreds of sites for a very low fee, but always ask for a list of the websites to which your potential articles will be submitted in order to ensure that they are going to be read, and not just stored on web space somewhere.

A key thing to remember about the process to submit an article to any service provider is to find out if Google indexes the websites to which you want your article submitted. You may also ask the article submission service provider how they intend to target your article, or articles, so that it gains the most exposure.

Above all, when it comes time to find someone to write and submit an article to any article bank, website, or newsletter, you get what you pay for. Sure, you can cut corners now and then, but when it comes to promoting your business, make every penny count.

Check with forum boards and small business networks and see what others are saying about various article submission service providers, websites, banks and anything else that has to do with the submit an article process. Your new business deserves the very best care, so make sure you do your homework, research your options, and then follow up whenever possible to make sure that when you submit an article, it ends up where you intended it to.
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