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Building Site Traffic: Speak to Your Customers

Aug 17, 2007
So, you've tried everything to bring in new customers to your website, but the only thing you've learned so far is that is that marketing a small business is incredibly difficult. On the Internet, not only do you have countless other small businesses to deal with, but you also can't seem to contend with those big companies.

Many small business owners assume that big companies are always on the top of search engine results because they have more money to spend on marketing. But this is not quite true. Yes, these companies spend oodles of money on advertising, but the reason they win in the search engine results is something different. In short, most search engines use specially designed algorithms that monitor the number of times a site is linked, and the number of times these links are clicked. The reason the Amazon.coms of the world are at the top of search results is that they are linked practically everywhere. How many websites currently link to you? Chances are, if you're a small business owner, there are not very many.

One of the best ways to change this is through article marketing. By writing web content and having it distributed throughout the Internet, you can increase the number of links to your site. As a result, if your content is well-written, and if these links find their way to the right places, your website will soon be climbing up the search engine results.

The process is simple. First, though, you must write the articles. This is easier than it sounds. Simply write a batch of 600-700 word articles on a variety of topics in your field. Once you feel that you have them as good as they can be, go online and find and article marketing service. These are readily available through search engines. After you have found the perfect article marketing service for you, the next step is to submit an article.

At this point, the important thing to remember is that article marketing services are run by experts in online search engine marketing. Thus, if they suggest changes to your article, you would be smart to take their advice. Of course, you never have to do so, but these people know what they're talking about. They've seen enough articles to know what is and isn't acceptable to Web publishers.

After your article is in its most polished state, you'll be asked to write your "About the Author" box. This is key, as it is the bridge between your content and your website. Readers who appreciate your articles will inevitably view your "About the Author" box, which will contain a little bit of information about you and your service. Make the content of the box interesting. Readers love quirky things, so if there is something funny and interesting about you, feel free to include it. Also, of course, this box contains the all-important link to your site, which should be featured prominently, but don't be too pushy with it, or you'll lose trust.

Finally, you'll be asked to categorize your article, which is another important step of the process. Publishers in your field are likely to only check the categories that pertain to their areas of interest. Thus, you want to make sure that they will see it. Consider your category carefully, and choose wisely.

Because you will be speaking directly to your customers, article marketing is a great way both to boost site traffic and to earn long-term business. Best of all, you will be taking customers away from those big companies, who seem to have all the advantages in the online marketing world. And, of course, the more articles you can have published, the more links to your site there will be. As a result, your website will soon begin rising in the search engine results.
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Tiva Kelly is an expert at article marketing and offers support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Learn how to market your small business when you submit articles through Article Marketer.
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