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How To Find Like Minded Customers You Want For Your Home Based Business

Aug 17, 2007
Why would you like to find "like minded" customers for your business? That's easy - it's because they are easier to please and easier to work with.

So how do you go find such customers?

That is actually easy too, but you have to learn to think "away from the box". One of the biggest mistakes a new marketer makes is to go on the Internet, see a few ads they like and copy them. Then they look at some copy they like from a few other websites, and they copy them.

When they put all of this together, they may be able to generate leads, but these leads may not be the type of customers you are looking for.

For example, if you just want customers that are only interested in an opportunity where they can make some quick money with no regard for their customers, all you have to do is market a website that has a flash movie or copy that is all about making money fast and easy. You make some claims like "No Selling" or over 90% automated. In other words you tell half the truth or downright lie about what is really required to be successful. You may be able to make money like this, but who have you just surrounded yourself with; a bunch of people that are only in it for the money and if they don't make any quick, it's your fault.

Let's say on the other hand you want clients for you home business team that are professionals, that can communicate well, and that know a business takes effort, and time to build. In other words, the kind of people that have staying power. Do you think you could take the same website you used before, the "grab the money" marketing piece, and simply advertise that where the right people hang out? The answer is no.

Your advertisement, and then sales letter/copy has to line up with who you are. So while you may get some ideas from reading other people's ads and website copy, in the end, your ad and your copy has to be you. Which means what? Which means that if you want to be selective about your customers, spend the time to develop your own sales copy and ads, and to learn to market these websites in such a way that the right kind of people see what you are all about, what your vision is. The people you don't want will stay away, as they won't resonate with your message, and the right people will ask for more information, because they do resonate with your message.

As a general strategy for internet network marketers I suggest that if you are new, use the company supplied marketing pieces to build your initial client base, and to create your story. Then I suggest you build your own custom marketing pieces, to attract targeted customers, the kind you want to surround yourself with.

Once you get your story out there, the Law of Attraction will take over and start to bring you more people that are a great fit for your enterprise.
So how do you create the story? Work hard for whatever time it takes to master success realizing that it will take time and resources. You are building a business, and like any business, you will be investing in marketing, and relationship building.

The real magic though happens once you start to develop your team. This is your defining moment. Will you simply be one of those people that signs people up in your company, and throws them into the "System", or will you actually spend a little extra effort helping them, solving your customers problems, helping them find their way.

Once you have created a story like that, you will become attractive to others. And you will have ever increasing results. Everyone talks about their opportunity, their products. The real leaders talk about how they themselves are going to "add value" to the experience of their clients, and then actually do it.

This is the story your potential clients want to hear, and when you tell it, in your custom marketing, you will attract the people that resonate with your story, and your style.
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