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Aug 17, 2007
People who would like to succeed in their business should go to college for entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship education can provide the students with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in the various business settings. In fact, according to experts, people who have gone to college for entrepreneurship have 10 times higher success rates in setting up and running their own business as compared to those who do not have any formal business education.

Can Entrepreneurship Really Be Taught?

There have been a lot of arguments in the past as to whether or not students can really be taught the art of becoming an entrepreneur. Many people believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is born not made. According to these people, there are certain types of individuals who are natural born entrepreneurs and these individuals can engage into business even without much training. A natural born entrepreneur is said to be adept at spotting business opportunities and turning these business opportunities into veritable gold mines.

While there are a lot of people who believe that entrepreneurs are born and not made, there are also a lot of experts who believe that a college education is still very important. According to these people, going to college will greatly enhance the natural skills of a person. Although entrepreneurship is all about guts which can not be taught at school, an entrepreneur who have all the guts but do not know anything about strategies will end up at the losing end of the business arena.

We should never discount the great importance of learning the basic principles of business management, financial management and business planning. We must always remember that it is not safe to rely on guts and luck alone when it comes to our business. Note that even gamblers understand that sooner or later they will run out of luck and they could not just rely solely on luck to win all the time. As most gamblers know, strategies and mathematical skills are also important to ascertain their chances of winning in a given game.

Bigger Income

Recent studies showed that most people who graduated from a college for entrepreneurship generally earned bigger than those people who did not go to a college of entrepreneurship. According to this study, graduates from the college of entrepreneurship who put up their own business earn 27% more than those people who went to business school but did not major in entrepreneurship. On the other hand, graduates of the college for entrepreneurship who were employed in companies all over the country as found to be earning higher salaries as compared to graduates of other business courses.

The higher income of these graduates is attributed to the fact that these people have learned some valuable skills in handling business while they were in college.
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