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6 Secrets To Effective Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
On the internet, there are hundreds of ways you can promote your website and business. While article marketing is just one of the many ways you can go about promoting, it is quickly becoming the most effective method. If done properly, writing articles can get you more traffic than you thought possible. Here are 6 secrets to effective article marketing.

1. Clear and precise writing
When it comes to the internet, many people want to see what you have to offer right away. There is no beating around the bush, meaning get to the point and state it clearly. The longer it takes you to get to the point in your articles, the more time you are giving the readers to go somewhere else.

2. Affiliated with your topic
With article marketing, you want to write articles that have to do with what you are promoting. There is no sense in writing an article on gardening and placing a link to your music website in the resource box. Set people up for what they can expect to find on your website.

3. Resource box
For every article you write, make sure to include a resource box. This is a crucial aspect to your article marketing, because the resource box is what identifies you. You can place your name, a couple of sentences about your website or a certain product, and most importantly a link to your website.

4. Article directories
There are thousands of article directories on the internet just calling your name out. Article directories are the easiest way to market your articles because it gives you a back link while allowing you to publish your work. For every article you write, you should be submitting it to as many directories as you can.

5. Post on blogs
Many people are unaware of this, but posting your entire article on blogs is great article marketing. Try not to post 1,000 word articles on a blog, but the average 400-600 word article is perfect. It is just another place for people to see your work.

6. Post on your website
Every article you write should have a web page on your website. If you need to, create a page that lists all of your articles that people can view. To truly show your knowledge on the subject, place your best article related to your topic on the front page of your website.

Article marketing has flourished into one of the best ways to promote a website or product. By applying the six tips listed above to your marketing, you will be reeling in more customers than you can handle.
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