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Psychographic Profile for Asian Americans

Aug 17, 2007
A psychographic profile of Asian Americans provides business owners with information about an important market. Asian Americans represent the fastest-growing market in the USA for two major reasons:

First, their numbers are growing rapidly with a projected growth of 213 percent by 2050, compared to 50 percent for the overall population.

Second, they are the wealthiest of all minorities. They are the only minority to earn more than Caucasians.

The psychographic information below can guide marketing efforts targeting Asian Americans.

Asian Americans spend more time and money shopping than other races. They like brand names, but change brands frequently. They spend considerable money on their appearance. Young Asian men have recently turned from the grunge look to a clean look.

Asian Americans share many values. Most do not believe in divorce so their divorce rate is low. They respect older people. Often several generations live together, making for large families.

They value social harmony, interdependency and relationships more than independence or individuality. They consider the well-being of other people more important than self-actualization.

Gender Roles
Asian Americans have strict gender role expectations. They separate their domestic worlds from outside worlds with women belonging to the former and men to the latter. Women are subservient to men: first their fathers, then their husbands, and eventually their sons. Because relationships are so important to them, it is particularly important for business owners to maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with Asian American customers.

Young Asian Americans
Asian American youth are inventing their own culture incorporating American and Asian ideas. They are very assimilated to American ways. Yet their culture differs from other young Americans. They regard their own traditions, but blend them with the modern youth culture.

For example, they blend Canto-Pop music with hip-hop, creating an ethnically influenced music genre that blends their heritage and love of music. They like basketball, snowboarding, video games and Karaoke. They are usually the first to adopt new tech gadgets from MP3 players to dorm-room rice cookers.

Both genders are more trend-conscious than young Caucasians and like anything modern, especially the latest technology. Like most Gen Yers, they accept cultural diversity, are open to interracial coupling, reject racial barriers and are define relationships and values for themselves.

They spend less time than their parents with native language publications.

Asians are the only non-Caucasian group that averages higher incomes than Caucasians. This and their rapid growth in the USA population should encourage business owners to consider what makes them different from other non-Caucasians and Caucasians.
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The Matrix Market Segmentation process was created by Linda P. Morton, Ed.D., APR, and professor emeritus from the University of Oklahoma. She published a national column on it for almost a decade. She provides a free report on the process, at http://www.TargetPublics.com/SegmentReport.
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