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The Top Forms Of Content That Infopreneurs Use

Aug 17, 2007
As an infopreneur, you provide your audience with valuable information. You must make sure they are delighted with the exceptionally good information you give them.

Doing this is your most effective way to impress your audience and keep them coming back to you for more. And the more exciting, informative, attractively packaged and engaging your information is, the more likely it will be to grab your consumer's attention and interest.

Coming up with such content on a consistent basis is not always easy. And once you have the information ready, it is equally important to make it available to your audience in a form and method that suits their needs and wants. This will give you greater access to a wider range of prospects than by providing all your information in one or two formats alone.

So, what forms of content should you use as an infopreneur?

A mistake made by many beginner infopreneurs is thinking about content as being text - or words. More specifically, articles or books.

Sure, words can be content you sell as an infopreneur. But in a multi-media environment that exists not just in the offline world, but even on the Internet, content can also be graphical, audio or video!

Putting together a collection of clip-art images for others to use is a form of infopreneuring. Recording a short audio presentation that explains how to grow juicy cucumbers or lovely red roses is useful information too.

An amateur home video explaining how to build a bookshelf will delight the 'do it yourself' crowd of hobbyist carpenters - as long as it reveals the 'secrets' of getting the job done safely, inexpensively, quickly!

And don't forget that personal, face-to-face (or over the telephone) interaction is content too - indeed a more valuable form of it, because your customer now has real time access to customized information right out of your brain.

But let's say you want to confine your content to words. Even then, your content does not have to be just articles. You could present words in the form of:

- editorials
- news clips or stories
- aggregation of other content
- reviews
- announcements
- periodic updates
- interviews

And this is in addition to books, ebooks, short special reports, white papers, hotsheets and more.

In addition to this, there are other ways of generating content that involve your audience itself. Such 'user generated' content can be created in the form of interactive features - polls, feedback, discussion groups, forums, online chat - all of which dynamically create more information to fuel your infopreneur empire.

Does that list give you any ideas? I sure hope it did.
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